Our predictions For The FAWSL 2021/22 Season


Finally the day has arrived... it is the start of the new FAWSL season and it is bound to be a good one. Since we last saw the competition a fair bit has changed one of the best things being that stadiums are now back to full capacity so us fans can finally get back to packing out the stadiums and watch our favourite teams in action in person rather than just through a TV or computer screen which just hasn't felt the same since the pandemic started. There has also been a lot more players come over to the league especially Australian players who came at the start of the pandemic and us fans haven't seen them live yet and even with players that have previously been in the league we have seen a fair bit of movement this transfer window which is bound to create some great contests. One of the biggest changes though has come off the field with Sky Sports taking over the majority of the coverage of games with the FA Player and BBC still covering games too. Sky Sports seem to be really pushing for viewers this seasons and are trying to get more and more people involved, they have a FAWSL show and even a dedicated Twitter account so everything is in one place for us fans. I think having Sky Sports on board is really going to help promote the game and get it more exposure like it deserves. It all seems to be quite positive changes at the moment within the women's game and lets hope we get some positive performances on the pitch to keep us fans happy and create a close league with not just one team running away with the competition. 

It is safe to say it was quite hard to write this posts as I think the league is going to be a very interesting one which could hold a few surprises for us fans. But here is how I think the league is going to look by the end of the season... 


Man City 


Man Utd


West Ham 



Aston Villa




I wish I was putting Man City at the top of the table but I just think Chelsea have a stronger team currently and they are really going to be hard to beat once again, when you look at their squad I don't understand how Hayes can even name a match day squad as every position seems to be covered 4 times over. I also wish I wasn't putting Birmingham down at the bottom and I really do hope they prove me wrong but with everything that has gone on at the club over the past few seasons and after who they have brought in this transfer window I can see them struggling if the team don't gel properly as quickly as possible. 

So there you go that is how I think the FAWSL table is going to be looking come the end of the season. I think it is going to be a very interesting season at the top of the table as the teams have really built their squads in the off season and brought in some fantastic players. I think it could end up being very tight down at the bottom of the table too as there are teams with a fair bit of potential who could pick up some surprise results as the season goes on causing the bottom 3 teams to really push to avoid relegation. 

Fingers crossed we can get to a few fixtures this year, as long as they don't clash with Bradford City Women's games as I would love to feature a lot more FAWSL on the site this year and to be honest there are a lot of players I want to see, especially the Australians that are now in the league. Keep an eye on our social media too as we will be trying to live tweet as many games as possible this season. 

 What games would you love to see us at? 

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