Favourite Overseas Away Shirts 2021/22 Season

Here we go again with another favourite shirts post. This time we have our favourite away shirts from those big leagues overseas and it is safe to say this was a post that was hard to write as I struggled to narrow down my overall favourites due to there being some absolutely brilliant shirts released for this season. There are some teams who just missed the cut and those were Porto and Inter Milan as their away shirts this season are brilliant however, the ones in this post just stood out to me that bit more. So here are our favourite away shirts for the big leagues overseas this season... 

Bayern Munich

I will admit normally I aren't interested in Bayern Munich shirts however, this seasons away shirt looks brilliant. I don't know why but I have always loved the look of black and gold shirts and this one really isn't an exception as I love how well the gold detailing works on the shirts overall design. I also love how the front of the shirt is basically split into quarters with the pattern working well in sections rather than being an all over print. Even the sponsor works well on this shirt and fits the theme and colourway quite nicely. 

Borussia Dortmund 

I have always loved BVB's shirts and how the design always works around the badge and how the badge seems to always be the main focus of the shirt. I absolutely love this seasons black and grey colourway with the chevron design that covers the full front of the shirt as it looks pretty smart. The sponsor is a bit big on this shirt for me but it fits the colourway quite well so it isn't like it draws too much attention away from the shirt and the badge being in the classic BVB colours is also fantastic as it just adds that pop of colour to the shirt and stands out as usual. 


I will admit that I wasn't originally a fan of this shirt as at first I thought it looked like it was originally white and put in the wrong wash so had been dyed (trust me I have had it happen a few times) but I recently saw it in store and I was sold as it just looks so much better in person. I actually like the purple of the shirt and how simple it actually is. The effect of the badge also makes it a lot different to usual and makes it stand out a bit more to me. This is definitely a different colour to what we are used to seeing but I definitely think it is better than them just choosing a white colourway. 

RB Leipzig

In recent seasons I have just been impressed with every shirt RB Leipzig have released and this year is no different as they are just a change to the usual and the patterns stand out. I absolutely love this years away shirt as the colours all combine together so well and the pattern they have gone for just lets each colour pop on its own. I think this is definitely going to be a shirt I purchase in the very near future as it is possibly one of my favourite shirts overall this season. 


Like with RB Leipzig PSG seem to be another club where I am loving all their shirts and I even ended up picking up last seasons away shirt as I loved it that much. I honestly think that this seasons away shirt is also going to be purchased as again I absolutely love it and it looks really smart. I love the use of just the 3 colours throughout the shirt and the alternating pink stripe. I love how PSG seem to be opting for a classic smart approach with their away shirts lately. 

So there you have it those are our favourite away shirts from the big leagues overseas and it is safe to say us fans have been spoilt for choice this season with the variety of shirts we have seen released. I know a few of these shirts will be added to my collection very soon but now I just need to work out which I want the most and which is going to be bought first. 

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