Liv Cooke W1N Football

Do you have those people on YouTube/Instagram that as soon as you see them post you have to go see what it is. Well that is the case for me as soon as I see Liv Cooke post, her Instagram is full of videos which feature various freestyle routines that are absolutely brilliant. But now the World Champion Football Freestyle & TV presenter has launched her merchandise 'W1N' and the first product released looks absolutely brilliant.

 The first product to be released is the W1N signature official match ball standard football which is accompanied by a replica version. The match ball will cost you £49.99 where as the replica version is just £19.99. One good thing with this ball is you know you will be getting a good product here as the 4 x world record holder knows her stuff when it comes to equipment and quality. Liv recently said "Everybody knows I'm super fussy when it comes to the football equipment I use, so I knew when I set out to make my own football it had to be absolutely perfect. I wanted to make a top-quality football that world class freestylers would opt to use as professional footballers but at an affordable price for the public."

I know that we will definitely be ordering at least one of these balls and putting it through its paces before giving you a review on it whilst comparing it to any other balls we have mentioned on here. But the question is which would you like to see us try, the match ball or the replica?

You can order your ball from the website

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