Favourite Overseas Away Shirts 2021/22 Season

Here we go again with another favourite shirts post. This time we have our favourite away shirts from those big leagues overseas and it is safe to say this was a post that was hard to write as I struggled to narrow down my overall favourites due to there being some absolutely brilliant shirts released for this season. There are some teams who just missed the cut and those were Porto and Inter Milan as their away shirts this season are brilliant however, the ones in this post just stood out to me that bit more. So here are our favourite away shirts for the big leagues overseas this season... 

Bayern Munich

I will admit normally I aren't interested in Bayern Munich shirts however, this seasons away shirt looks brilliant. I don't know why but I have always loved the look of black and gold shirts and this one really isn't an exception as I love how well the gold detailing works on the shirts overall design. I also love how the front of the shirt is basically split into quarters with the pattern working well in sections rather than being an all over print. Even the sponsor works well on this shirt and fits the theme and colourway quite nicely. 

Borussia Dortmund 

I have always loved BVB's shirts and how the design always works around the badge and how the badge seems to always be the main focus of the shirt. I absolutely love this seasons black and grey colourway with the chevron design that covers the full front of the shirt as it looks pretty smart. The sponsor is a bit big on this shirt for me but it fits the colourway quite well so it isn't like it draws too much attention away from the shirt and the badge being in the classic BVB colours is also fantastic as it just adds that pop of colour to the shirt and stands out as usual. 


I will admit that I wasn't originally a fan of this shirt as at first I thought it looked like it was originally white and put in the wrong wash so had been dyed (trust me I have had it happen a few times) but I recently saw it in store and I was sold as it just looks so much better in person. I actually like the purple of the shirt and how simple it actually is. The effect of the badge also makes it a lot different to usual and makes it stand out a bit more to me. This is definitely a different colour to what we are used to seeing but I definitely think it is better than them just choosing a white colourway. 

RB Leipzig

In recent seasons I have just been impressed with every shirt RB Leipzig have released and this year is no different as they are just a change to the usual and the patterns stand out. I absolutely love this years away shirt as the colours all combine together so well and the pattern they have gone for just lets each colour pop on its own. I think this is definitely going to be a shirt I purchase in the very near future as it is possibly one of my favourite shirts overall this season. 


Like with RB Leipzig PSG seem to be another club where I am loving all their shirts and I even ended up picking up last seasons away shirt as I loved it that much. I honestly think that this seasons away shirt is also going to be purchased as again I absolutely love it and it looks really smart. I love the use of just the 3 colours throughout the shirt and the alternating pink stripe. I love how PSG seem to be opting for a classic smart approach with their away shirts lately. 

So there you have it those are our favourite away shirts from the big leagues overseas and it is safe to say us fans have been spoilt for choice this season with the variety of shirts we have seen released. I know a few of these shirts will be added to my collection very soon but now I just need to work out which I want the most and which is going to be bought first. 

Bradford City Summer Transfers 2021/22

I think every Bradford City fan felt the same towards the end of last season... big changes were needed. On paper the team we had last season should have been absolutely fantastic and we had the prime opportunity to aim for promotion but once again we missed out and under performed which is becoming an all too familiar situation these days for us fans to watch. You look back to when we narrowly lost to Millwall in the play off final back in 2017 we were a team that played well and had a really good chance at playing in the Championship now here we are struggling to leave League 2 behind. It seems like times are changing at Bradford City though as this past summer transfer window has been a great one and we have brought in plenty of players who again have the potential for us to make a promotion push and we are already seeing the results changing on the pitch with these transfers playing a big part in that happening. 

Even before Adams was appointed manager the club had a clear out which was bound to free up some wages for new players and make space in the squad for anyone we brought in. It is funny looking at the list though as all the players who left did so due to their contract running out and us not offering them new ones or them declining them. There were a few surprises on the out transfer list for me as I thought one player might have wanted to stay to end his career at the club and a few of the outs have actually ended with retirement which shocked me as I thought those players might have actually had a few more years in them yet. So here is who left the club this summer... 

Anthony O'Connor 
Connor Wood
Clayton Donaldson
Connor Shanks 
Zeli Ismail 
Harry Pritchard
Billy Clarke
Will Huffer 
Lee Novak 

It is funny really how just as I was growing to like Anthony O'Connor he has left us, I think in his first few seasons at the club he was a bit of a left down and didn't really play as we expected and I know that a lot of fans wanted rid of him after those performances, I was one of them, but last season he was in my eyes on of our best players and we let him go which was a bit of a shock but when you see who we brought in you can really see why he left and actually ended up playing in a higher league. I was a bit surprised that Donaldson left too as I thought he would have wanted to see out his career at his hometown club but he has now ended up playing for York and seems to be doing quite well there. The two big shocks for me though are Lee Novak & Billy Clarke who have actually ended up retiring. I thought these two players would have had a few seasons left in them and I though Novak would have done another season at City, I am not sure if injuries have had a big part to play in these decisions or if it is just down to being unable to find new clubs but either way those two players have had pretty good careers. 

I am not sure if it was the change of manager or the promises we have made to players in regards to the future of the club and the direction it is heading in but I believe we have also brought in some great names that have a lot of potential and can provide that threat we have been lacking in previous seasons. Maybe it is the thought of playing in front of thousands of fans week in week out that has attracted them as throughout all the clubs struggles in recent years those fans have certainly stuck by them and I might be biased but are by far some of the best fans in the league both home and away. Whatever has happened we have finally had a positive transfer window and hopefully that is reflected in the results this season. So here are the players Bradford City signed this summer...

Liam Ridehalgh 
Andy Cook 
Caolan Lavery 
Abo Eisa
Alex Gillead 
Oscar Threlkeld 
Fiarce Kelleher 
Yann Songo'o 
Theo Robinson 
Lee Angol 

Andy Cook was on loan with us last season and I said to Liam straight away I would love to sign him on a permanent and this summer we managed it. Cook is a goal scorer as we have seen and if we keep him fit and away from suspension I think he is going to lay a pivotal part in our promotion push this season. When Alex Gillead first came to City he was still young and pretty inexperienced so I am looking forward to seeing how he performs for us this time around as his pace could really help us in some dangerous attacks. As so the rest of the new signings I am really looking forward to seeing them play a little bit more before I make my mind up on them but so far it is good and we are look like a team that knows what they are doing once more. 

What was nice this summer is not seeing preseason team sheets filled with the word trialist, Adams had his squad and gave them that much needed playing time during preseason which was a nice change. We also don't currently have any loan players which is great as there is no chance of players being cup tied, blocked from playing or even worse recalled at the worst time. The players are ours for a change and are free to play which ever games Adams wants them too. 

We are now a few games into the season and I am already impressed with what I have seen, the new additions to the squad and the appointment of Adams seems to have really fired up the dressing room and the performance on the pitch is getting much better and we actually look like a team to be afraid of once more. The excitement of going and spending afternoons at Valley Parade is back once more and I am pretty hopefully for the season ahead. 

What do you think to Bradford City's summer transfer window? Do you think it was a good one? 

My Thoughts On The Manchester United 2021/22 Third Shirt

 If you have read the blog recently you will know I have had high praise for quite a few of this seasons shirts produced by Adidas however, there is one that just isn't cutting it for me and believe it or not it is the Manchester United third shirt. There is just something about it that I aren't sure about maybe it is the fact it looks more suited to Leeds than Man Utd and I have said that since I first saw it. Even my mum asked when we was out shopping if it was another new Leeds shirt... I think there are plenty more colourways that could have worked better too. 

Don't get me wrong there are some aspects to the shirt that I do like such as the neck line and the pattern overall as it certainly stands out but it is just that colourway putting me off. Imagine if it was black with red detailing I think that would look absolutely fantastic and fit the club a lot better. I like how the TeamViewer sponsor looks on this shirt too and I think this sponsor will look great for as long as they have the deal as they can easily adapt the colour of this to suit the theme of the shirt without it looking out of place which I think they have struggled with in the past with some of the previous sponsors. I like how it isn't over run with branding either and it lets the design do the talking. This shirt definitely gives me the same kind of vibe as the away shirt with the pattern on it but honestly I think I quite like the pattern compared to previous ones the club has had. 

I think I will end up buying this shirt as I am intending to buy all 3 of the Manchester United shirts this seasons and I am just going to have to suck it up and deal with the colours. Who knows if I look at it a bit closer in person my thoughts might change but for now I am not 100% sold on it. If like me you are wanting to purchase this shirt it will set you back: 

Men's Authentic : £99.95
Men's : £64.95 
Women's Authentic : £99.95
Women's : £64.95
Kids : £49.95
Mini : £44.95

So there you go those are my quick thoughts on this seasons Manchester United third shirt. What do you think to it? Will you be picking one up? 

A Bit Of A Closer Look At The Away Days Shirt

Does anyone else have those content creators where they watch every video they put out just because you can tell how passionate they are about what they produce. Well that is what I am like with Ellis Platten's Away Days channel, as soon as a new video goes live I am there watching it. Not only does he show us the match day experience at a variety of levels whilst making it entertaining to watch but he also posts a lot about football shirts... a topic where my interest has grown in recent years. So as soon as I saw the announcement that Ellis was creating his own shirt I new I had to buy it and now I have had it for a while it is safe to say I am definitely not disappointed with my purchase. 

The overall design is just fantastic with the colours working really well together and the fit is even better. Sometimes shirts can be a bit too tight fitting these days however, this one is absolutely spot on and fits comfortably and is great for wearing either training or just on a day to day basis which always makes a shirt better if it looks smart, fits nice and can be worn for more than one thing. I will admit I was a bit hesitant at first as I have never owned a shirt from Hope & Glory before but the quality is great and I can see it lasting a while, even after a lot of washes the shirt hasn't shrunk or lost its shape which I have found happens all too often with some of the big manufactures shirts these days due to them being mass produced sometimes quality isn't great but this isn't the case with the away days shirt. 

I remember as soon as I watched the announcement video I said to Liam, I aren't missing this shirt. The whole video was brilliant and the pyro aspect definitely made it stand out. I was interested to see what the shirt design was going to look like in person and it definitely didn't disappoint. I love how the effect does look like the pyro's and is worked across both the front and back of the shirt, it just makes it look different to other shirts. Then you have the fact the shirt is a darker colour and not too in your face with bold colours like other shirts, I definitely prefer this as I find it is easier to wear and looks quite smart. Even though it is darker colours it is noticeable on its own which just goes to show you don't need all bold colours to stand out sometimes simple is the way to go.  

Where as the shirt its self is nice and simple with the darker colours those extra details being in the bold pink/purple colour just helps them stand out that little bit more whilst not over powering the rest of the shirt. The fact that these colours stand out for those all important details such as the badge and neck & sleeve edging just gives them that bit of an eye catching edge which is fantastic and all the colours work really well together. The fact there is very little of the colour due to there not being branding all over the shirt also helps keep that smarter look and means that for me especially the thing I look at on the shirt most is that away days badge which looks amazing. 

I absolutely love this shirt and I am so glad I made the purchase. Fingers crossed there is another release of new Away Days shirts in the future because even if it is half as good as this one I know I will be buying it. I think that if this shirt is anything to go by I will be making sure I keep an eye out for some of my other favourite creators bringing out their own shirts as it is always nice to support them whilst also gaining another great football shirt for the collection. If big clubs could take note of how great this shirt looks with little branding and simple colours that would be fantastic. 

If you want to check out the content from Away Day's be sure to follow them on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The content is fantastic and the direction it is heading in just shows the growth the channel has made these past few years, I can't wait for upload days. 

Did you pick up an Away Days shirt, if so what did you think to it? Or if you missed out on one what do you like most away this one? 

Favourite Overseas Home Shirts 2021/22 Season

It isn't just the Premier League teams who are getting some great shirts this year... the teams in Europe and further a field have also got some fantastic shirts for this seasons campaign. So carrying on from the favourite Premier League shirts this time we are picking our favourites from other big leagues around the world, again it was hard to narrow down which shirts made the cut for this post but here are the ones that did make the cut and stand out the most... 


The Scottish champions new shirt is absolutely brilliant and is one that I am hoping to add to my shirt collection very, very soon. The main colour of the shirt is the usual rangers blue with just a few bits of white on the neck line and the edge of the sleeves which look great and perfectly in place as the blue and white complement each other really well. What I like the most though are the gold details of the badge, Castore logo and sponsor. It just works really well with the other colours and the subtle white pinstripes that go down the shirt. The crest is the 150th anniversary ones and the classic retro design of the shirt compliments that well. 

Inter Milan 

I am absolutely loving the front sponsor less Inter Milan home shirt for this season. The lack of front sponsor just looks fantastic and just gives the shirt a nice clean look. The sponsor of Lenovo on the back in gold just adds that sponsor to the shirt but it really doesn't look out of place at all and I think I prefer the sponsor on the back as it takes away less focus from the badge and shirt detail. The dark blue and light blue scale design really works well together and I think this could easily be a future purchase. 


I will be the first to admit that at first I wasn't too sure on this shirt however, the more I have seen it the more I like it. Sticking with the classic Barcelona colours that we have all grown used to I love how this shirt has the broken stripe design for the majority of the front of the shirt with the lines being broken by the sponsor. What I love the most though is the cross in the top right around the Nike logo as it just adds to the shirts overall design, I think he cross might have looks a bit better on the side with the Barcelona club badge though. 

Atletico Madrid

One of the teams whose kits I seem to really like every season lately is actually Atletico Madrid's. This year is certainly no different either as I absolutely love this years home shirt and the distressed kind of look it gives off. They way the shirt looks with the red blending into the white looks brilliant in my opinion and I think this could be very easily added into my shirt collection in the near future. The red and white stripes work very well and I am just grateful that Liam got me keeping a closer eye on Atletcio. 

RB Leipzig 

Ah RB Leipzig my FIFA 21 Ultimate team kit that I stuck with all season and actually ended up purchasing. I am so glad I started to keep a closer eye on RB Leipzig thanks to FIFA as I think they produce some fantastic kits and I can see a few more being added to my collection this season especially their home shirt. I think RB Leipzig are the only team where I like the sponsor being so big on the front as it just fits so well and this year the red pattern on the white shirt just looks fantastic. There is just something that I love about red and white shirts. 

Olympique Marseille 

As soon as the Marseille shirt was announced I knew I had to try add it to my collection so fingers crossed I do managed to get my hands on one. This is yet another retro inspired design that works really well as Puma have captured the retro look really well and the white with light blue accents looks fantastic. I particularly really like the light blue stripes on the sleeves and the navy blue Uber Eats even looks like a perfect fit for the shirt. Fingers crossed I can get my hands on one of these. 

So there you have it those are my favourite shirts from the big leagues outside of the Premier League for the 2021/22 season. It is safe to say that I am going to try my best to get my hands on these shirts from the list as they are the ones that stand out the most to me and simply look fantastic. Keep checking back on the blog as I will be doing plenty more football shirt posts over the coming weeks and into the future. 

What are some of your favourite big league shirts for this season outside of the Premier League? 

Favourite Premier League Third Shirts 2021/22 Season

Here we go another football shirt post, this time it is all about the third kits that are on offer in the Premier League this time around. Today's post is all about my favourite third shirts for this season's Premier League campaign, it is safe to say in recent years I have actually preferred the third kits some manufactures have come out with rather than their away offering as I think they are often a bit more adventurous with what they bring out. Granted this season we have seen shocking third shirts revealed but alongside that we have also seen some pretty good ones too. So here are my favourite third shirts for the 21/22 Premier League campaign...

Crystal Palace

In recent years Crystal Palace have had some hit and miss shirts but this season I quite like a few of their offerings. The one shirt of theirs this season that stands out to me the most though is their third shirt. I just love the colours of light blue and white and how they work so well together. I also love the subtle design worked into the shirt that from images looks great. Puma have done well with this design compared to some of their others. 


I mentioned how I liked the Everton away shirt but honestly I think I may like the third shirt that little bit more. I don't know why fully but I think it might be due to the design running through the middle of the shirt, it is almost like someone has grabbed a Tyre an just rolled it across the shirt and hung the mark to dry. The colours on the shirt also work really well together and it looks like a nice clean design even with the design going down the middle.

Leicester City 

There is just something with Leicester where I end up loving at least one of their shirts each season and this year is no exception. I love the colour of this shirt as it is quite different to other offerings and I love the pink of the badge and Adidas logo as they really stand out from the shirt due to how bright they actually are. The only thing with this shirt is the sponsor being in white I would definitely love this shirt even more if it carried on the pink theme. 


Southampton are a team that normally slip under my radar in terms of shirts but this years third shirt from Hummel has certainly changed that and I am really loving what they have released. I love black shirts as I think they look really smart but I love how the main detailing is all in red for this shirt as it just stands out and fits the shirt really well. The main selling point for this shirt for me though is definitely the design on the shirt if you look really closely... the little football pitches that make up the overall shirt print is fantastic and honestly at first I didn't even notice them. 

There could easily have been a few others added to this post but these shirts are certainly the ones that have impressed me the most and ones I would happily purchase for my own shirt collection. It won't be long now until teams start announcing special edition shirts so no doubt there will be more Premier League shirt posts coming in the future, but next week we will start to take a look at shirts from leagues outside of England as they have some fantastic shirts on show this time around. 

What is your favourite Premier League third shirt for this season? 

How Did The Summer Transfer Window End For Manchester United 2021/22

I don't know what has gone on at Manchester United but for once I can easily say I am very happy with how their summer transfer window has gone. I am not sure if last seasons fan protests and criticism has helped but for the first time in a while we have seen them get the players they were actually targeting and actually bringing them into the club which is great as they have managed to get some very big names at the club. 

It makes you wonder if their recent run of good results and moving up the table to actually challenge those top clubs again has really helped and as a fan it really does give me a bit of hope for the future and makes me a bit more hopefully of seeing Manchester United lift a trophy some time soon. Ole has definitely strengthened the squad but whilst doing so he hasn't lost much which is always a good sign that players are wanting to stay at the club rather than wanting to jump ship. There might not have been a lot of permanent departures but this time we have seen a lot of loans especially for the younger players to go out and get some experience which is always nice to see. So lets take a look at how Manchester United's summer transfer window ended. 



Joel Pereira 

Jacob Carney

As I mentioned earlier there weren't actually many permenant departures which is great to see. Two of those departures (Pereira & Carney) are goal keepers so it is nice to see them move on to hopefully get playing time as for some reason Manchester United seem to have far too many backup goal keepers who never get a chance. They also lost Daniel James to Leeds but I think James is going to really benefit from this move as his game time would have been drastically reduced with the players brought in so at least now he might finally get to show us just what he is made of. 


Devine - St Johnstone 

Bishop - Mansfield Town 

Chong - Birmingham City 

Fish - Stockport

Bernard - Hull City 

Pellistri - Alaves

Tuanzebe - Aston Villa

Galbraith _ Doncaster Rovers 

Laird - Swansea City 

Levitt - Dundee 

Andreas Pereira - Flamengo 

Williams - Norwich City 

Garner - Nottingham Forest 

Mellor - Salford City

There has definitely been a lot of loans taking place this transfer window with a lot of youngsters getting the chance to go out and catch the attention of Ole at lower league clubs to start to make a name for themselves. At least by going out on loan they are getting the chance to get some game time under their belts and show people they are capable of playing in the first team. For me though I am just looking forward to seeing how well Williams & Tuanzebe do in the Premier League with other sides, especially Williams as I think soon enough he could be a first team regular for United as we have seen just what he is capable of and regular game time is only going to help him get better. 


Tom Heaton




Now here is the best bit, the players Manchester United actually brought in. There are 3 fantastic signings and one a bit random but hey we will take it. I am not quite sure what the thoughts behind getting Tom Heaton was as I mentioned earlier the goal keeper position is one we seem to be over run in but in case of any big injuries it is nice to have more experience backed up. Then we finally managed to sign Sancho, after always missing out in previous transfer windows to finally secure his signature is great and I think we could see him have a pretty good successful future at United. I have always been a bit on the fence about who lines up next to Maguire in central defense so to see us sign Varane was fantastic as he is a brilliant defender who I think could link up really well with Maguire and help stop us conceding whilst also grabbing some goals himself. Now the main event, one of my favourite ever Manchester United players has returned and I couldn't be any more excited. Cristiano Ronaldo has finally returned and with him not showing any signs of aging and still being an absolutely fantastic player I can't wait to see how well he does back in United colours. Ronaldo is one of the first players I really noticed and looked up to as a player and he was the first name I got on the back of a United shirt so to see him back is just fantastic.  

It is going to be interesting to see how the squad will work together and if it lives up to its potential as on paper this is a squad that should be winning no matter what, the talent is huge and it is about time we saw United get back to winning plenty of trophies and really challenging for that Premier League top spot. With all they have brought in this summer I think it is safe to say January will be interesting as they might not even try build on the squad but then again they might have a few extra targets if some positions are falling short. I think by the end of the January transfer window though we could see a few more departures, mainly down to lack of game time. Overall I am very happy with the transfer window dealings this time around and fingers crossed it all works well.

What do you think to Manchester United's summer transfer window? 

Favourite Premier League Away Shirts 2021/22 Season

Normally for me clubs away shirts are a bit of a let down and don't live up to the home or third shirts these days but this year things seem to be a little different and I am actually really enjoying some of the away shirts that are on offer this season. The kit manufacturers have really come out with some great designs that are actually pretty different to other templates in most cases and I will be honest it was actually pretty hard deciding which shirts made the cut for this post but here are my favourite Premier League away shirts for the 2021/22 season... 

First up of course we have the Manchester United away shirt, I love this one so much I have done a full post about it on its own. I just love the designs on this one as it looks retro and looks better than the past few away shirts they have had recently in my eyes. Adidas have definitely been hit and miss with the Man Utd shirts but this one is ticking all the boxes and I am hoping to purchase this one. 

Now I have never paid any attention to Everton shirts in the past as they just aren't a club I really bother with but this seasons away shirt is standing out to me for all the right reasons. I love black shirt and this one with the bold sash type design in a brighter colour just looks fantastic. I love how the badge is in the shirt colours too as it all just flows really well. A nice simple design compared to what other clubs are coming out with these days. 

Norwich have finally made it back into the Premier League and they now have a brilliant looking away shirt to mark the occasion. Joma are one of those manufacturers that seem to pass me by but this Norwich away shirt has definitely caught my eye with the light blue really standing out on the shirt and showing off those small details on the otherwise very basic shirt. 

I never thought I would be writing about a Leeds shirt being one of my favourites but there is just something that I really like about this Leeds away shirt for this season. The blue and white work really well together and the pattern on the actual shirt just adds a little bit extra to it. The only thing I aren't keen on with this shirt is how big the sponsor is, if this was a bit smaller it really would be the perfect shirt. 

Just like with Leeds, I never thought I would be saying that a Liverpool shirt was one of my favourites but here we are. Nike have had some fantastic shirts in recent years and this Liverpool away one is no exception. I love the collar on this shirt and the colours on it overall. Granted it does look like something a cricket team might wear but it looks great, nice and simple. 

Finally we have this brilliant Newcastle away shirt by Castore, to be honest I hadn't heard of Castore until this season but they have brought out some brilliant shirts for the upcoming campaign. There is just something about this Newcastle shirt I love, the gold colour, the white collar and the wavy kind of design just look great together. Again though that sponsor could be a little bit smaller. 

So those are my favourite Premier League away shirts for this season and it is safe to say there are some teams on that list that I never thought would be featured but some manufacturers have just absolutely knocked it out of the park with the design this time around. What is your favourite Premier League away shirt for this season?

Keep an eye on the blog over the next few weeks as there will be more shirt posts for leagues outside the UK and other UK leagues coming very soon as we have definitely been spoiled this time around. 

Our predictions For The FAWSL 2021/22 Season


Finally the day has arrived... it is the start of the new FAWSL season and it is bound to be a good one. Since we last saw the competition a fair bit has changed one of the best things being that stadiums are now back to full capacity so us fans can finally get back to packing out the stadiums and watch our favourite teams in action in person rather than just through a TV or computer screen which just hasn't felt the same since the pandemic started. There has also been a lot more players come over to the league especially Australian players who came at the start of the pandemic and us fans haven't seen them live yet and even with players that have previously been in the league we have seen a fair bit of movement this transfer window which is bound to create some great contests. One of the biggest changes though has come off the field with Sky Sports taking over the majority of the coverage of games with the FA Player and BBC still covering games too. Sky Sports seem to be really pushing for viewers this seasons and are trying to get more and more people involved, they have a FAWSL show and even a dedicated Twitter account so everything is in one place for us fans. I think having Sky Sports on board is really going to help promote the game and get it more exposure like it deserves. It all seems to be quite positive changes at the moment within the women's game and lets hope we get some positive performances on the pitch to keep us fans happy and create a close league with not just one team running away with the competition. 

It is safe to say it was quite hard to write this posts as I think the league is going to be a very interesting one which could hold a few surprises for us fans. But here is how I think the league is going to look by the end of the season... 


Man City 


Man Utd


West Ham 



Aston Villa




I wish I was putting Man City at the top of the table but I just think Chelsea have a stronger team currently and they are really going to be hard to beat once again, when you look at their squad I don't understand how Hayes can even name a match day squad as every position seems to be covered 4 times over. I also wish I wasn't putting Birmingham down at the bottom and I really do hope they prove me wrong but with everything that has gone on at the club over the past few seasons and after who they have brought in this transfer window I can see them struggling if the team don't gel properly as quickly as possible. 

So there you go that is how I think the FAWSL table is going to be looking come the end of the season. I think it is going to be a very interesting season at the top of the table as the teams have really built their squads in the off season and brought in some fantastic players. I think it could end up being very tight down at the bottom of the table too as there are teams with a fair bit of potential who could pick up some surprise results as the season goes on causing the bottom 3 teams to really push to avoid relegation. 

Fingers crossed we can get to a few fixtures this year, as long as they don't clash with Bradford City Women's games as I would love to feature a lot more FAWSL on the site this year and to be honest there are a lot of players I want to see, especially the Australians that are now in the league. Keep an eye on our social media too as we will be trying to live tweet as many games as possible this season. 

 What games would you love to see us at? 

My Thoughts On The Manchester United 2021/22 Away Shirt

It is safe to say a lot of teams have gone for the retro approach this season when it comes to their kits and to be honest I am loving it. There are some great designs this season and before Man Utd announced their away shirt for this season I was curious to what we would get as their home shirt is based on a classic and were they going to carry on with this theme? When the shirt was announced I certainly weren't disappointed as it takes inspiration from the 1991 to 1993 shirt which I loved and would love to add to my collection. So here is a closer look at this seasons away shirt...

Now don't get me wrong I really like this shirt and it is potentially going to be added to my collection but I do think it has one flaw especially if you take this image into consideration.. the bold design seems to wash out the clubs badge a bit in my opinion and it is a bit annoying as I like when the club stands out loud and proud. If anything the sponsor actually stands out more than the badge which is a bit annoying but the TeamViewer sponsor is better than the previous so I don't mind as it doesn't look too out of place and doesn't take up too much space on the actual shirt. 

I really like how this shirts is limited to 3 colours the cloud white, blue and a little bit of the usual Man Utd red. The standout blue zig zag kind of pattern definitely catches your eyes and I was a bit worried at first it would send my eyes funny but actually it looks much better in person. It is safe to say you won't miss fans in the street if they are wearing this shirt though as the bold pattern is bound to catch your eye. 

The only real plain bit of the shirt is the cuffs at the bottom of the sleeves and around the neck line. Every other inch of the shirt is covered by the pattern but those few plain white patches just break it down a little bit and don't look out of place. I like how the 3 stripes on either shoulder are also in the red of the sponsor logo and Adidas badge as it all just flows well and looks tied together. It is safe to say the whole shirt just works really well together. 

At first I wasn't too sure about this kit but the more I see it the more I am interested in it and I am actually really impressed with what Adidas have come up with for this season. The 3 colours keep the otherwise standout shirt to a minimum and I think this is one the collectors could be wanting in the future. I have to admit this shirt might be one of my favourite away shirts overall for the season and the Man Utd home and away shirts are slowly helping restore my faith in Adidas templates as the past few seasons I have been a little underwhelmed with what they have produced. 

I can definitely see me picking this shirt up this year as it is nice and different without looking ridiculous in my eyes. I aren't sure if this will be an immediate purchase or a sale purchase but either way it will be in my collection by the end of the season. If like me you want to purchase the shirt the prices are currently as follow... 

Men's Authentic - £99.95

Men's Standard - £64.95

Women's - £64.95

Kids - £49.95

Mini Kit - £44.95

Baby kit - £37.95

There is an option to buy this kit no matter what age the recipient is so I can see a lot of people ending up wearing this shirt throughout the season and in the future. I can't wait to purchase mine and add it to my growing collection, but will you be picking this shirt up or not? 

There is plenty more shirt content coming up for this season and beyond so make sure you keep checking back to see future posts as we are hoping to get at least one shirt post up each week. 

My 2021/22 League 2 Predictions


The League 2 season has finally begun and I can't wait to get back into Valley Parade to watch Bradford City as us fans have been kept out for far too long, it is going to be great just going back to the ground and watching live football for the team I love. I am actually really looking forward to those cold Tuesday night winter games too which I guess goes to show just how excited I am to be heading back as those were some of my least favourite games just down to how cold it would get at Valley Parade. This season should be an interesting season with the return of fans and a lot of changes especially at teams like Bradford. It is strange as I have only watched Bradford play from the league and whoever they were playing that week as not been able to go threw me off a bit and I didn't follow the league half as much as I should have like in recent years but this season is definitely going to be different as I am going to be back watching and following as much as possible from the league. I think the lack of atmosphere at games really put a downer on the game during the Covid period but I think things are about to get more interesting this time around. 

I think there could be some surprise results happen throughout the season and honestly I think it could be a close call at both ends of the table.  So here is how I think the table is going to look by the end of the season. 

Exeter City 
Swindon Town
Bradford City
Forest Green 
Tranmere Rovers
Harrogate Town
Leyton Orient 
Carlise United
Newport County
Oldham Athletic
Bristol Rovers
Colchester United 
Crawley Town 
Port Vale
Salford City
Northampton Town
Sutton United 
Hartlepool United 
Scunthorpe United 
Mansfield Town

It was actually really hard to narrow down where I thought each team was going to finish as due to us not being in the grounds for a while and the lack of league 2 shown online I have actually forgot what some of these teams where like last season however, quite a few have made big changes to their squads so I think we are going to be in for a good season all round. This season could go either way and I think fans being back will play a huge part in the teams performances let's just hope they haven't forgot how to play in front of a crowd as it has been a while for them. 

Now get me back in that Kop watching City. 

Match Report : Bradford City Women vs Durham Cestria

Another Sunday and another home game for Bradford City Women, the weather held off until after the game and City were looking to get their first win of their season against Durham Cestria. City's first game of the season was a 2-1 defeat to Chorley so they were hoping to bounce back and get those all important 3 points. It was definitely great to see Charlotte Stuart's name on the team sheet too after her taking an early knock in the first game of the season. 

The game started off at a pretty fast pace as expected and City ended up giving a few fouls out in dangerous places in the first few minutes but Durham couldn't break through the City defence with any of those free kicks.  Durham did however, manage to break through just five minutes into the game to make it 0-1 after a cross close to the goal was deflected into the back of the net passed City 'keeper Richards. Durham were definitely on the front foot for a while after the goal and kept challenging City looking to double their lead. It really looked like they were going to do this in the 15th minute but a great save from Richards kept it at 0-1. 

City did manage to create some chances though and Hawkins made a great run forward, momentarily she did lose the ball but once again she showed no sign of giving up and won the ball back quickly to create a great position for City unfortunately though there was no-one on the receiving end of her pass and Durham gained possession once more. It didn't take long for City to have another chance though as some great build up play put them in a good position to take a chance a shot but unfortunately this went straight to the Durham goalkeeper. 

Just like last week it seemed to be once City hit that 30 minute mark they started to perk up and put in the performance we know they are capable of, once they got settled they were putting some great moves together and pushing forward, fingers crossed as the season progresses we will see City settling into games a lot sooner. There was a bit of a lengthy delay in the build up to half time as a 50/50 challenge saw Stuart once again needing treatment but luckily this week she was good to carry on and got back up to carry on where she left off. In the 39th minute Roberts took a shot from distance which looked like it could have beaten the Durham goalkeeper but unfortunately the ball dipped at the wrong time and the goalkeeper comfortably caught it.  

Throughout the first half we saw Durham really attack City trying to push through and gain that second goal but thanks to strong defending and great goalkeeping City somehow managed to keep Durham out and we went into half time with Durham leading just 0-1 when it could have honestly been more.  

Durham were the ones with the first chance of the second half but luckily for City it found it's way over the crossbar without troubling Richards. It didn't take long for City to find their feet in the second half though and it didn't take long for them to have a chance of their own with Prothero getting herself into a good position but her shot was ultimately blocked by the Durham defence. Bradford definitely got themselves into the second half a lot quicker than they did the first half and they looked a whole lot stronger in the midfield and going forward so it is safe to say whatever was said to the team at half time was taken in and they knew what they needed to do. 

In the 63rd minute Hames made his first substitution with Stube coming on for Prothero, who had covered a lot of ground throughout the time she was on the field so I think this was a good move as it meant a fresh set of legs on the field to try push for an equaliser. Unfortunately for City the 2nd goal of the game also went to Durham. Richards pulled off yet another brilliant save to deny Durham's first attempt but the second attempt managed to find its way into the back of the net for Durham to double their lead in the 71st minute. Almost immediately after the 2nd goal Hames made his 2nd substitution bringing Russell on in place of Roberts who once again had a really good game and covered a whole lot of ground whilst on the pitch. City did try to pull a goal back not long after conceding with Lambert moving well to keep hold of the ball and getting it through to Hawkins which was once again saved by the Durham goalkeeper. In the 83rd minute Hames made his final two substitutions of the game bringing Knapton on for her debut and Douglas whilst taking off Stuart and Hawkins. In the 85th minute City finally got themselves on the scoreboard with a great goal but again City left it late to score just like they did in their first game of the season, but for the final minutes of the game they were constantly pushing for an equaliser which was great to see. 

The game ended 1-2 just like it did against Chorley in their first game but you can definitely see improvements being made throughout the City team as they are putting up a fight each game and trying to find a way back into the game rather than just looking like they want to give up. Durham took their chances well and looked like they are going to do well this season and City might have been defeated but again they are showing some strong signs on the pitch and off field it is improving once more as we are seeing more and more people attending the games, it is nice to see the stand looking full. 

There were a few silly fouls given away from both teams really but the game was definitely more physical than it was against Chorley and City looked to be holding their own really well which is great to see, they never looked like giving up on a challenge. There were definitely a few City players that stood out throughout the game. Woodcock once again seemed to be allover winning the ball back with some great challenges and was carrying the ball forward really well. Stuart had a great game too and was covering the midfield really well and winning the ball plenty of times both on the floor and in the air which definitely helped City out a fair bit as the ball seemed to spend a fair bit of time in the air. Hawkins had an absolutely brilliant game too as she was all over the field and pressing Durham really well and never looked like she was going to give up even when the ball seemed out of reach she still tried to make it. Richards was also a standout player with some of her saves looking brilliant and she really did keep City in the game especially in the first half and quite a few times in the 2nd half. 

So here is who would have been our player of the match 

Lucy - For me it has to be Richards as without some of her saves we could have easily conceded a whole lot more. 

Liam - For me it is once again Woodcock as she made some solid challenges and got City into some good positions to push forward. 

The game this week was really enjoyable and I am really looking forward to seeing City when they are back home again as I think that win is due very soon, unfortunately there will be no report for their next home game as we aren't here that week but bring on the next home game after that. 

My 2021/22 Premier League Predictions


This weekend the Premier League final kicks off and it is bound to be another interesting season where I think we could see some shock results especially in the early part of the season. We have big names out injured from the Euro's and new players coming into squads that could change the whole way the team performs. It is safe to say that the build up to this season has been quite a good one with players showing their worth and big money transfers taking place, who thought we would have seen Grealish leave Villa this transfer window? And who would have thought Manchester United would sign Varane. I think these transfers could really shape up how the season goes. We have also seen the likes of Liverpool suffering with injuries once again so it that going to cause them a bad run of form in the lead up to Christmas, I guess only time will tell.

Maybe due to the new signings of teams especially the big teams we are going to have a close race for the top spot this team rather than one team running away with the league which we have been seeing far too often lately. It is about time we had a close season with multiple contenders rather than just one team being more than 10 points ahead. I think it could also be quite close down at the bottom end of the table too as some of those lower teams have lost key plays although some of the newly promoted teams have strengthened their team really well to put up a fight in the top flight. As for the middle of the table I think we will just see the usual suspects battling it out for the best position they can possibly get but one team I will be keeping my eye on is Villa, are they going to be fine without Grealish or will they struggle? 

So here is how I think the table will look at the end of the season...

Manchester City 
Manchester United 
Leicester City
West Ham 
Brighton & Hove Albion
Aston Villa
Leeds United 
Newcastle United
Crystal Palace

Looking at the Man City team you just think they will win the league but I think with Chelsea and Man Utd's transfers we could be looking at a close contest if they team gels together and they play as you would expect them to. I am really looking forward seeing how this season plays out and I am hoping with it being the first season with fans back it is going to be entertaining for us all. I know I am going to be watching as much Premier League as possible this season and will be keeping a close eye on the league and who is doing well. I do think the fight for the Champions League spots are going to be great and is going to be something for us all to keep an eye on.

Let's hope we see the newly signed players making an impact for their teams and give us a competitive season. 

In Conversation With Katy Woodcock

Following the return of the 'In Conversation' series we got the chance to ask Bradford City Women's captain Katy Woodcock a few questions about the season ahead and the effect the pandemic has had on the team. Katy is a player who has stood out to us at Edge of the Area whilst we have been going to the Bradford games as she notably gives everything on that pitch and is a solid central defender who isn't afraid to get stuck into a tackle. You can see just by looking on her Twitter just how invested into the club she is as her feed is filled with the club. So here is how our chat with Katy went... 

EOTA:  Whilst we haven’t seen much on the pitch due to Covid we have seen plenty of movement off the pitch with Ian & Keith joining the club and us becoming part of community foundation how do you think that’s going to benefit us?

Katy : I think it clearly shows the club is moving in a positive direction and the overall vision of the club is very evident now. Ian and Keith bring a wealth of knowledge from the commercial front and joining the community foundation shows the intent of BCAFC - we have a clear pathway for the junior girls to the seniors, it’s a great place to be in and a very positive one for the city of the Bradford. 

EOTA: We have seen Brighouse promoted out of the league and 2 new additions being added in Alnwick and FC Manchester is it nice to see new teams added to the league after no relegation or promotion during the previous cancelled season?

Katy : Yeah, it’s always great to see new competition arriving in the league. These teams clearly deserve to be in the league so it’ll be interesting to see how they get on. 

EOTA: As a player how have you been staying match fit during the lockdowns as it must have been hard not knowing if the season was going to happen again?

Katy: It’s extremely difficult to remain match fit because you only have that match fitness by playing consistently, week in week out. But during lockdowns, I just tried to remain as active as possible whether that be running - I completed a challenge during the second lockdown to raise money for charity. So this meant running 5K everyday for 22 days in a row. I was running a few times every week anyway so it just made sense to set a personal challenge/goal but also raise money for charity at the same time! A few other things I did were along the lines of; work outs in my back garden, zoom fitness sessions with the clubs fitness coach… and trying my best to keep a balanced diet in tact! 

EOTA:  How important do you believe social media is in raising awareness of the women’s game & helping promote teams in lower leagues like yourself 

Katy: It’s massive. It really is. I think it’s great that there are so many more aspiring journalist’s etc., that are taking a real interest in the women’s game, across all tiers/levels. Particularly for lower league teams, it really gives clubs the exposure that they deserve. 

EOTA:  We are seeing the club come closer to the men's team and after the merge with the foundation we are seeing a lot more promotion across social media, do you think that promotion is going to bring in more fans to games? 

Katy: I hope it does. We have great supporters who follow the club but It would be amazing to see more fans at our games and social media is a great way to advertise and showcase the women’s club. 

EOTA: What would you say to any young girls who have been inspired by the recent Euros and want to get into football but are unsure of taking the first step?

Katy: Don’t be afraid to take the next step. Nerves are always going to be a huge part of any footballers career so I’d encourage these young people to not let the nerves stop them from giving it a go. I would probably tell them about my first ever training session when I was 8 years old and turned up in 3/4 jeans, dolly shoes and didn’t have a clue what a defender was!!
Everyone has to start somewhere and you never know if you never try! 

EOTA: To anyone on the fence about coming and spending their Sunday afternoon watching you what would you say to get them into the stadium? 

Katy: I would firstly say if there are any supporters with daughters it’s a great place to come down and you never know it might make your daughter want to become the next BCAFC player. If they’re unsure,  come down to one of the derby games - just like any derby day at any level of football, the battles, aggression and passion is very real! I’m sure that will change their minds! 

EOTA: What is the team feeling like during going into the season with the fact it has been a shorter off season? Are the players fully fit, ready and raring to go? 

Katy: The girls are just so buzzing to back at training. Although the coaches have definitely stepped fitness up a few gears, everyone is working really hard. We know our fitness needs to be at the highest level this season to be where we want to be and it’s just amazing to have a group where every single player recognises that and is determined to be at their very best, going into the season

EOTA: With seasons been stop and start has it been hard recently to gel as a team or have you still been able to do team bonding activities to an extent?

Katy: Obviously we haven’t seen each other as much as we would have liked to during the lockdowns but social media and the group chat banter have really kept that team bond in place. We’ve had a couple of days / evening where restrictions have allowed us to go for a meal / someone’s garden / watch the euros together which was amazing! 

So there you have it that was our chat with Bradford City Women's captain Katy Woodcock. I am really looking forward to seeing Katy play again this season as she is certainly a player that gives it her all on the field and is a great asset to the team. I can really see Katy being a key player throughout the season helping the club get the results and exposure it certainly deserves. 

If you are liking these 'In Conversation' posts then keep checking back as there are plenty more to come.