A Closer Look At The England Away Shirt

The Euros during the summer might have been great for England with them reaching the final but they really let me down in one area... the lack of the blue shirt. Yes I know they opt for the white every chance they get but honestly I think the blue shirt just looks so much better and I would love to see them wearing it much more often. 

I don't really buy England shirts and I actually can't remember the last time I bought one before this but as soon as it was released I told Liam I had to get it. The blue and red just works so well together and it just looks really smart to me. Luckily I got this not long after its release at a discounted price due to me having a voucher for money off from purchasing FIFA 21 so it was an even bigger bargain that I just couldn't resist. For me this shirt stood out as it looked smarter than your average football shirt and more like a top you could wear for a variety of occasions rather than just for watching the game, I had a fair few shirts to pick from for the Euros but every game day I found myself reaching for this one over others. 

Some shirts these days just look far too in your face with the pattern however, what I love about this one is that it stands out the right amount without ruining the overall design of the shirt. Thanks to the pattern being in different shades of blue the print is noticeable but doesn't stand out far too much like it would have if they had used any other colour. The design just seems to blend in really well and it was really nice to wear throughout the summer. 

What sold this shirt to me though was the use of the collar. If you have read the blog for a while now you will know I am a sucker for a shirt with a collar and I think this just makes the shirt look even smarter. I love how the shirt and buttons are kept in the same blue of the shirt so they don't break away from the shirts design and just blend in really well. I think if they had used red or any other colour they would have ruined it so for them to keep it blue is just perfect. 

The fact that only the badge and Nike logo are in a different colour on the front really makes them standout and your eyes definitely get drawn to them due to the vibrant red colour and the fact it is the only other colour on the front of the shirt. I really think that more shirts should be like this where the badge stands out more than other details as I think in recent years a lot of kit manufacturers have moved away from this and focus on standout prints when sometimes subtle works best. 

Nike have definitely kept it simple with this shirt with only the blue and red being used and I love how the red side panel just seems to break the all blue shirt up that little bit and just adds a bit of detail between the back and front of the shirt. The way that Nike are using these side panels lately look great and fit the shirts they are designing really well. 

 This shirt has been great for the time I have owned it so far and even after countless washes and beer being spilled on it the shirt is still in really good condition and the fit is still perfect, the colour hasn't run or faded so it is safe to say this shirt is going to last me a while. You wont see me working out in it or playing football in it though as it seems to good for that. 

What are your thoughts on this England shirt? 

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