2020/21 PSG Away Shirt Closer Look

PSG are one of those teams I have always looked at and honestly it hasn't always been for the football they play, these days it is actually for the shirts they are wearing each season. I honestly believe lately they are becoming a bit more of a fashion focused brand alongside being a football team as the shirts they are releasing each season are brilliant. Their collaborations with Jordan have been brilliant lately and I really want to build up my PSG shirt collection. At the end of the 2020/21 season I finally bit the bullet and added my first PSG shirt to my collection as there was now way I was missing out on the seasons away shirt, it was one I had my eye on for a while so I waited for the end of season sale and finally made the purchase. 

I absolutely loved this shirt from the minute I saw it and honestly there was no way I wasn't picking it up. One thing I love about PSG is how the red, white and blue colours we always associate with the club work so well together and keep with the French clubs colours. I love how with this away shit the white is the main colour with the red running all the way down the center of the shirt only being broken up by the sponsor in the center. The blue to the side of the red block stripe also just keeps in with the clubs colours and flows nicely with the collar detail on the shirt too. 

I also really like how the Nike logo and club badge are also towards the center of the shirt rather than being towards either side of the chest. With them being slightly off center and following the light blue stripes alongside the bold red stripe, with them being just under the collar too I think it actually looks quite smart. 

What really sold me on this shirt was the blue collar and few red buttons on the chest. I absolutely love a shirt with a collar and this one ticks all the boxes. I think this shirt is a bit more fashionable than some of the other shirts from other clubs we have seen in recent years. It is shirts like this from PSG than make them seem like a fashion brand than a football club to me as the shirt just looks fantastic and really smart. The collar is a nice smart fit too when buttoned up and hasn't flicked up yet like some collars I have had on past shirts or even polo shirts. I love how the blue of the collar works well with the bold red too as it is a nice and bold blue and not just some random colour thrown in for the sake of it. 

This shirt is made out of recycled material too which is an added bonus and I love how Nike seem to be moving into this area a bit more with their clothing and shoes. The recycled material is highlighted in the sleeves with this shirt with them being a bit of a textured effect. This is quite a subtle effect on the shirt and to be honest I am glad as it is noticeable however, it doesn't stand out too much, meaning the main focus is still on the bold colours on the front of the shirt. The sponsor on the sleeve doesn't bother me as much as it usually would either as the colour is in keeping with the rest of the shirt and the shirt as a whole isn't absolutely over run with branding, it is quite subtle and doesn't ruin the look of the shirt. 

 There is a bit more subtle detailing on the shirt that I didn't notice until I actually had the shirt in my hands. Most shirts just have some plain side paneling either in a different colour to the shirt or as a mesh however, this one flows with the colour of the rest of shirt and has the clubs full name throughout the panel which I think is a really nice touch. Again this is very subtle so doesn't distract from the rest of the shirt but when you do notice it you can appreciate its addition. 

I am really glad I actually convinced myself to get this shirt as I think it was the perfect one to kick off my PSG shirt collection especially with it having one of my favourite things... a collar. I have worn this a lot of times now and the quality is great, the colour is still perfect and it fits really nicely. I tend to wear this for general day to day wear rather than training as it just seems too nice to run around a field or gym in. I wonder what my next PSG shirt will be? I can honestly say I already have my eyes on a few previous ones and a few of this seasons. 

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