Favourite Home Shirts From Other League In The UK & Around The World

So for this seasons favourite kits posts I have so far done the Premier League, League 2 and the big clubs in Europe so today I thought I would share my favourite shirts from teams in totally different leagues, these shirts are from teams outside the EFL and even one team from overseas. Lower level clubs often get forgot about yet some produce some brilliant kits year in year out, some stand out from the crowd with bold prints and others try to keep it simple & classic. It definitely was a struggle to narrow down this post but here is who made the cut... 

Halifax Town 

A local time I often forget about is Halifax Town however, since starting Edge of the Area I have actually taken a lot more interest in the local club and have even started checking their results & standings regularly. I have also been paying much closer attention to the kits they release and I am loving this seasons home shirt. The blue is the main colour of the club and the camo detailing on the shoulders underneath the the Adidas 3 stripes and the side paneling looks fantastic. The sponsor on the shirt looks great too and fits the colours of the shirt really well. I just wish Halifax shirts were a bit easier to get as they always seem to be out of stock, fingers crossed we can get our hands on a shirt at some point and also get to a game. 

Hashtag United 

I have actually followed Hashtag for a while as I have followed chairman Spencer Owen on Youtube for a long time and love watching the 2017 EE Wembley Cup. It has been great to see the progress the club has made over the years and them announcing that Hummel were going to be creating their shirts just showed the club is really going places as a semi professional club, I wouldn't be surprised if in the future they arrived in the EFL. This seasons Hummel shirt is brilliant with the blue and yellow working really well together and the black design on the shirt looking a bit like the goals netting, it is a nice and subtle design addition without it being far too in your face. Hummel have released some fantastic shirts this season and this Hashtag one is no exception, lets hope we can get our hands on one. 

Photo Credit Danny Neilson 

1874 Northwich FC 

I actrually found out about 1874 Northwich FC thanks to starting the Edge of the Area Twitter page and we have had plenty of interactions with the club on both Twitter & Instagram, plus with us following Coach Cain on Instagram (it took a while to realise he played at the club) we are never short of seeing 1874 Northwich on our feeds. They are a great club who play in the Northern Premier League Division One West and are based in Cheshire so not too far away from us. One thing I have loved seeing from 1874 Northwich is the merchandise they release for the club which all look great however, it is the home shirt that stands out the most to me. I love the green and black combination and how the bold black block stripe is used behind the badge so it really stands out. The pattern on the top half of the shirt also looks great as you can see it but it doesn't stand out too much and over power the shirt. I would love to get my hands on one of these shirts for a closer look. 

Brisbane Roar 

The A League in Australia is a league that I am really hit and miss with if I am honest with you and since the pandemic I haven't really bothered with it at all but I think that is bound to change when this season begins. As the build up to the season begun I started to take a look at the shirts which each team would be wearing and the one that stood out to me the most was the Brisbane Roar shirt. I love the orange colour of the shirt with the black detailing on the sides instead of being all over the shirt, which to be honest could have also looked good but this way it just makes badge speak for itself in my opinion and the central New Balance logo even looks in the perfect place. If anyone knows how to get one of these shirts for a reasonable price in the UK please let me know as I would love to get my hands on one. 

Brighouse Town 

Another local club who I should go watch if Bradford aren't at home, as the stadium is not far from my home. I never really took any notice of Brighouse in the past however, thanks to the interactions we have had with the women's team we have also started to take note of the men's team and one thing that stood out this season was their home shirt. You all know I love a shirt with a collar but I also love an orange shirt which has been noted in recent year so this shirt ticks all the boxes. I love the subtle geometric design on this shirt too and it is that subtle from images it actually took me a while to notice it. Again this is another shirt I would love to get my hands on for a closer look at and fingers crossed we can get to some Brighouse games in the future.  

I am really hoping to get my hands on a few shirts from this post as not only are they great shirts but the purchase will also help those clubs that will have struggled more than others in the pandemic. Those smaller clubs often get passed by but even if we just bought a shirt that we liked from them it is still better than nothing, plus I am hoping to get to some of the teams more local to me to watch a game so it would be nice to own the shirt to go in. 

Do you like any of the shirts from this list? Are there any that you would add? 

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