2020/21 RB Leipzig Away Shirt Closer Look


If you know me you will know just how much I love playing video games in my free time, as rare as that is these days and my favourite game to just sit and relax with is FIFA. In the past few years I have really got into playing FIFA Ultimate Team and during each cycle of the game I tend to stick with just 2 shirts for the club I create and for FIFA 21 one of those shirts just so happened to be the RB Leipzig away shirt for the season and due to how often I actually saw this shirt I fell in love with it and surprise, surprise I even ended up purchasing it when it came to the end of the season sale. 

Obviously I had only actually seen this game on the TV screen whilst I was playing Ultimate Team or when I went on the Nike site to actually purchase it so I wasn't quite sure what to expect colour wise but it is safe to say when it turned up and I saw it in person for the first time it really didn't disappoint. The blue of the shirt is really vibrant and is a bit bolder when compared to some of the other blue shirts I currently own which honestly I don't mind as I think it is nicer than some of the other blue shirts in my collection. The blue works really well with the vibrant orange and yellow on the shirt too and thanks to it being nice and simple it gives the opportunity for the sponsor and club badge to take center stage. 

If you have read any of my shirt posts before you will know that I aren't really a fan of sponsors being a big focus on the shirt but for some reason with this RB Leipzig shirt I really don't mind that Red Bull logo in the middle of the shirt and with the club being 'RB' Leipzig I don't think it looks out of place at all. Plus that yellow really really well on the blue. The orange neck just breaks the shirt up a bit too and adds another colour to this shirt without spoiling it in my opinion as it fits with the side panel detail. 

The yellow of the clubs badge on this shirt is definitely more vibrant than the sponsor which to me just makes it stand out that bit more to my eyes which is great as it means the badge might be smaller than the sponsor but it definitely still catches your eye and gets the attention it should be doing. I think a lot of clubs are starting to drowned out the club badge with some shirt designs but this one is perfect. 

Just like with the PSG shirt the sleeves on the RB Leipzig are also made from a recycled material and the textured detail on the sleeves seems to be the way that Nike were highlighting that. The sleeves on this one did feel a bit tight but I don't think that was anything to do with the texturing I think it was more to me sizing down from my normal size but thanks to the quality of the material the shirt still fit perfectly and even after numerous washes the colour is still intact and the fit is still as it was on the first wear. 

Just like with the PSG away shirt it also took me a while to spot the hidden detail on the side panels. The orange side panel is in a zig zag pattern with other patterns in the design with a bit of a hidden RBL inside it. I love how these panels match the collar in the colour and the fact that these aren't yellow like the badge & sponsor doesn't actually matter as it all seems to flow nicely and doesn't spoil the design overall. The orange just adds to making this shirt more vibrant than it already is which is great. 

I am really glad that I fell in love with this shirt whilst playing FIFA 21 as it is a very welcomed addition to my shirt collection, who knows it might lead me to purchase more RB Leipzig shirts in the future and it could also be a new tradition of buying the shirts I use on FIFA if I love them enough, if that is the case it is safe to say I am in for a treat with the kits I am wearing in FIFA 22. 

What do you think to last seasons RB Leipzig away shirt? Were you a fan? 

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