My Favourite Foreign 3rd Shirts For The 20/21 Season

 So we have had my favourite overseas shirts from the home and away selection. So now we have my favourite 3rd shirts from overseas. It was certainly a difficult decision when narrowing down my selection but here are the shirts that stand out to me the most...

Real Madrid
I love the Real Madrid 3rd shirt for this season, with the black shirt and pink writing. What I love most though is the detail that is hidden in the shirt when you look closer. I definitely prefer this to the other bold paisley printed shirts I have seen this season such as the Manchester City kit. If you saw this shirt from a distance you probably wouldn't even know there was an extra pattern on the shirt. The black and pink definitely work really well together. 

Red Bull Leipzig 

Now Red Bull Leipzig are a team I really don't bother with but Liam has started keeping an eye on them which is what brought this shirt to my attention. This shirt is just so in your face but in such a good way. The colours work really well together and although the shirt is so in your face it works, the colours blend nicely together. I think if this kit was available on FIFA 21 it would be one I purchased straight away but who knows it might find its way into my actually football shirt collection one day. 

Inter Milan

As soon as I saw an image on FIFA of this shirt I knew I wanted it as it just looks so good. The black and grey horizontal stripes work really well with the light blue on the bottom of the sleeves and around the front of the neck line. I really like the yellow for the sponsor too as it just adds a bit more colour to the shirt. I love the central positioning of the clubs badge too as I love when a badge is in the middle of the shirt as it just makes it a little bit different. 


Juventus have brought out some fantastic 3rd shirts over the past few years and this seasons is certainly no different. I think I prefer this one over the previous years as it so different, in fact it gives me autumn vibes as it looks when the leaves fall from the trees and end up on the floor at that time of the year. Adidas make some absolutely fantastic shirts for Juventus and I love how this one stands out with a totally different pattern, each year is something totally different. 


To say I was never a fan of Barcelona shirts they have appeared on my favourite shirts posts twice. This 3rd shirt may just be my favourite between the 3rd and away shirt as the colours are fantastic. I love the pink and mint green with a hint of black in small areas. I wasn't a fan of pink shirts until the Manchester United one a few seasons ago now but I am definitely sold on them. 


Just like the Barcelona away shirt the Ajax shirt is a nice simple black shirt with gold on and a bit of grey down the side of the black. As I said with the Barcelona away shirt I love the black and gold colourway but I love how Adidas have incorporated that bit of grey to add a little extra to this shirt. Adidas have brought out some fantastic shirts this season and this is no exception. 

So there you have it those are my favourite 3rd shirts for this season from overseas there are quite a few of these that I want to add to my collection but which would you pick?

My Favourite Foreign Away Shirts For The 20/21 Season

Just like with the overseas team's home shirts there are a lot of great away shirts being released this year. To be honest I think for most clubs the away shirt is actually better than the home shirt as they just look like they have had more thought put into them. So here are some of my favourite away shirts for those teams overseas...

Borussia Dortmund

BVB's home shirt featured in my favourite home shirt post but again Puma have killed it with the away shirt too. The black shirt with the yellow stripe diagonally across the front which separates a solid black from a faint graffiti BVB print that fills that lower diagonal section. I will be honest when I first looked at this shirt I didn't even notice the graffiti effect but I love it. This is something totally different and is subtle so you don't get your attention drawn to it straight away. 


By now you will all know I love a shirt with a collar but Nike have smashed it out of the park with this Roma away shirt. I love Roma and keep adding their shirts into my collection but I was let down with their home shirt this season so luckily the away shirt made up for it. I love the colour of this shirt with the classic Roma colours on the sides, sleeves and collar. This is definitely a very smart design. 


To be honest I have never really been a fan of Barcelona shirts but this black and gold away shirt from Nike may just have changed my mind. This is definitely different to the past few Barcelona away shirts we have seen but in a very good way. This one looks so smart and classic. It catches your eye without making you think 'why on earth have they done that' which some clubs shirts definitely do get you thinking. The gold just works so well with the black to create a great looking shirt. 


Oh look another shirt with a collar surprise surprise. I love how smart this seasons PSG away shirt looks. The classic PSG colours down the middle of the white shirt gives a nice block detail and the blue collar just makes the shirt look so much smarter. A nice simple and smart shirt, I honestly do believe that without the collar on the shirt I wouldn't have been interest but thanks to the collar I think it may be a future purchase. 


To be honest I would never have bothered with Wolfsburg in the past but whilst scrolling through the Nike site this shirt caught my eye. It is a very simple design, a bit like the Barcelona one but the green just makes it different and catch your eye. Teamed up with the green shorts you aren't going to miss the Wolfsburg players on game day. I love how it is simply black and green with just a tiny bit of white on it. 

So there you have it those are my favourite overseas away shirts, again I think some of these may be added to my shirt collection in the future. Whats is your favourite away shirt from teams overseas?

Merry Christmas Everyone


                                                  Merry Christmas everyone. 

Just a quick post to say have a great day whatever you are getting up to. I know things aren't going to be the same thanks to the strange year 2020 was but make the most of whatever you are doing, relax and just enjoy the day as much as you can. This year has been a challenge and we don't know when normality will return but we have made it so far. 

Thanks for all the support on here and social media, my love for blogging has definitely returned this year and I am excited for what is still to come. 

Things Are Changing At Bradford City Women's

 A new era is about to begin at Bradford City Women and it is certainly a huge step in the right direction for the club. It has been announced that the Bradford City Community Foundation will be taking over the running of the Women's club to try strengthen ties with each avenue of the club which is only going to benefit current and aspiring players. The Bradford City Community Foundation chief executive officer said “We are delighted to have Bradford City Woman under our umbrella. After recently taking over Bradford City Girls, it made great sense for us to bring in the ladies in as well, to further strengthen the relationship and promise of the club." The changes will hopefully develop players to work through the ranks at the club and keep them progressing at Bradford City instead of heading elsewhere. 

This clubs decision was made after the announcement that  long-serving chair Sally Thackray and treasurer Allyson Matthews were going to be retiring. The club were looking for new volunteers and this seems to be a great direction the club is heading in after the announcement of the retirements.The club are hoping that this move will bring the women's side in-house and help stabilize the future of the club, which is something the club has been trying to do for a while now, hopefully this will also help minimise the issues that will arise from the ongoing pandemic situation too. 

Qasim Akhtar who is currently the business development officer of the Bradford City Community foundation will be stepping in as general manager while the Bingley Bantams Ian & Keith Taylor will become head of operations and treasurer roles.  

I got to ask club secretary Matthew Kermode what he though of the changes and here is what he had to say,  "We're extremely excited to be moving to be part of the Bradford City Community Foundation.  It allows us to reconnect with the FITC Girls' teams to provide a clear pathway from the youngest players right through to our first team.

This is also a great opportunity to work with the FITC and benefit from their expertise and resources as we look to develop and build our club.  We have two established managers in Chris and Manny and now with Ian & Keith at the helm the future of the club is in safe hands.

On a personal note I'd like to thank Sally and Allyson for everything they've done for their club.  For a number of years they virtually ran the club between them, and it's now our responsibility as a leadership team to continue their work and get Bradford City WFC back where we belong."

There has also been three other volunteers to take up other roles within the club however, the club are still on the look out for other volunteers & sponsors to help grow the club further so if you want to get involved in any way let the club know by emailing 
Things are definitely looking up for the club and hopefully we are going to see the results on the pitch too. 

You can read the official announcement here

My Favourite Foreign Home Shirts For The 20/21 Season

Not only are the Premier league sides getting some great shirt but the over seas clubs are fantastic too. I watch plenty of leagues from around the world and what I love is seeing is what shirts each team are going to be given that season, are they going to be subtle and classic or are they going to be in your face with their design? 

Here are my picks of my favourite home shirts for the European teams this year... 

Atletico Madrid

I have always been a fan of the Atletico shirts as I love the red and white stripes. In fact I love quite a few shirts across the world that are red and white as they just work so well together. I love how simple this shirt looks then you have the added bonus of the collar and the buttons which just makes this shirt seem a lot more stylish. This is a shirt I would very happily wear on a day to day basis due to the fact it looks a little smarter than other shirts. 


I aren't quite sure what it is about this shirt that makes me love it but I do think it is due to how simple it looks. I love the how the red is the main colour with a little bit of gold and black. I just wish the sponsor wasn't too big on the front as it does take away from the simplicity a bit and is there really any need for the sponsor to be so big? Make the sponsor a bit smaller and you will have the perfect simplistic shirt that stands out for all the right reasons. 


I absolutely love this seasons Fiorentina shirt, it carries on with the purple that the club is known for and is just that bit different to other clubs home shirts due to the colour. I love how you get a bit extra added to what would otherwise be a plain shirt thanks to the Kappa logo detailing on the sleeve with the white cuffs. The white and purple work really well together and although there is a fair bit of branding on the shirt it works well. 

Bayern Munich 

To say I don't really pay much attention to Bayern Munich I always seem to fall in love with their shirts. Bayern Munich seem to have a great shirt each season and this season is definitely no different. I love the red with the subtle red and white stripes down the side. I also love how the shirts seems a little bit longer in the back which you don't often see. The shirt is just so simple but looks like it could turn into a classic due to it's simplicity which you don't see many big clubs doing these days. 

Borussia Dortmund

Puma have killed it with this seasons BVB shirt in my opinion. Sticking with the classic yellow and black I love how the yellow is broken down by what I can only describe as black tiger stripes. These just make the shirt stand out from the crowd and gives the shirt a great effect overall. The best thing is that even though it is a standout shirt, it isn't too in your face, it is a shirt I would happily wear on a day to day basis. 


Another shirt that Puma have done really well this season is this Marseille one. I love how simple it appears at first glance, a white shirt but with a little blue on the collar and sleeves. But when you do look closer you see that hidden detail print on the shirt, it is subtle but noticeable. Again this is definitely a shirt you could easily wear on a day to day basis. It is nice to see a shirt that is nice and subtle like this compared to some other designs we have seen this year. 

So there you have it those are a few of my favourite home shirts for the teams overseas. Maybe one day some of these may find their way into my shirt collection.  Which overseas team's home shirts are you loving this season?

Bradford City Women & Chorley Will Need To Wait A Little Bit Longer For The Return To Football

It was meant to be Bradford City women's long awaited return to the pitch after yet another postponement due to the Coronavirus pandemic however, unfortunately for Bradford the weather had other issues? The game was meant to see Bradford taken on Chorley women but it was always going to be questionable thanks to the rainfall in Bradford since Saturday night. 

Whilst driving over to the game we were wondering if it was actually going to take place as the roads were bad and the history the pitch at Eccleshill has of being waterlogged it got us wondering if we were going to arrive at an abandoned game. When we arrived to the ground about 20 minutes away from kick off the pitch didn't look too in fact the goal line and around the centre circle just looked like a boggy mess. It definitely surprised us when the teams came out to start the game as conditions just got worse and didn't look like they were going to let off any time soon. 

With both teams not having played since the start of the second lockdown due to the league postponements I was intrigued to see how the break would have affected both sets of players as it can't be helpful with the stop start aspect of this season. But with how City had started to progress before the enforced break it was always going to be interesting to see how things would go on the first game back.  There was a steady start from both sides with City moving the ball well however, in the early minutes City were awarded a free kick, the referee called both captains over and eventually called to abandon the game. It was strange how he didn't seem to consult the managers about his decision but at the end of the day conditions were getting worse and the game possibly shouldn't have kicked off in the first place. 

Bradford are due to play Barnsley on Sunday who played their first game back today so it is going to be interesting to see if that game they have played will have any impact on the pace of the game or if it is going to work in City's favour as they will have fresher legs going into the game. 

Whilst we might have to wait another week to see City back in full action I guess that isn't a long time compared to the delays we have had so far this season. At least we got to see the ball kicked around for a few minutes before the game was called off, let's just hope we don't see this happening too much or games are just going to start piling up for the clubs. 

Growing Up Here Are The Manchester United Players I loved...

 In terms of who I support in football my answer will always be Bradford City however, I certainly have a soft spot for Manchester United and even managed to get to a few games. I would pick up a new shirt most years and some of my favourite players ever have played for the club. I used to love sitting and watching games and keeping track of how well they were doing and there were just some certain players I could not get enough of. So here are my favourite Manchester United players I have witnessed play for the club over the years that I have been watching them...

Ruud Van Nistelrooy 
Ah Van Nistelrooy one of the first attackers I really paid attention to. People used to claim he was a bit of a goal line hanger but for me it was a case of he was always in the right place at the right time. There was just something about him that drew me to watching him play he was certainly a stand out. I even have a Van Nistelrooy scarf somewhere. 

Edwin Van Der Sar
90% of the time I would never consider adding a goalkeeper to a favourite list of mine but Van Der Sar was just an absolutely fantastic goal keeper and very rarely let his side down. He worked really well with those players around him and was a goalkeeper where you could see the passion when he played. 

Roy Keane
I honestly don't think they make them like Roy Keane anymore. He was a no nonsense hard hitter who Man Utd could really do with these days. I can honestly say I would have never have wanted to play against him as one wrong move and that was it you have a target on your back for the full 90 minutes. What I still love about Roy is how he is a great pundit too as he is one of the ones who really knows what he is talking about still and you can still see the passion when he talks about United. 

Cristiano Ronaldo 
Ronaldo is certainly that one player I was mesmerized with growing up and honestly still to this day he is constantly impressing me as the skill he brings to the teams he plays on is another level. Growing up when I was playing I just wanted to play like him as he was that player who always stood out.  

Nani is another player who always stood out when he played at United and honestly he still does over in the MLS for Orlando City in my opinion. I was so glad when he signed for the MLS team I support as it meant I had even more reason to follow him once again. There was just something about him that stood out when he was at United and that back flip celebration was great. 

Patrice Evra
Of course footballs funny man is on this list. Evra was a fantastic defender and was also great at helping the team get into some very dangerous positions. Even when his time at United was up I was occasionally checking up on where he ended up and how he was doing and now his social media is one of my favourites with the videos he creates for them. I enjoy seeing him commentating on games too as he doesn't take it overly serious but certainly gets his point across. 

I think it was the day Man Utd announced that they signed Chicharito that I said I wanted his name on the back of my shirt that year. He certainly didn't disappoint me either, I remember telling my grandad he would do well for the club and he said he wasn't sure but Chicharito definitely proved himself. So much so when West Ham signed him I even checked their progress too to see how well he was doing. 

David Beckham
Would it be a favourite United players without the legend that is David Beckham? There was just something with Beckham that made the way he made those passes, curled those free-kicks and just ruled the pitch. We went to the reunion game last year and WOW he could have easily have still been playing with some of the passes he was picking out. For me he definitely made that number 7 stand out whilst I was growing up and he was certainly one of my biggest inspirations growing up. 

So there you have it those are those Manchester United players that have stood out to me throughout the years that I have been watching. Who are some of your favourite past Manchester United players?  

My Favourite International Shirts 20/21

Over the recent years the shirts on the international scene have just been getting better and better. I was never a fan of international shirts and weren't really bothered about purchasing them, it really was hit and miss on if I got one or not however, now more than ever I have been very tempted to add a few into my collection. 

So here are my favourite International shirts that have been released in the past year or so...


I have never been bothered about the Belgium shirt at all but for some reason this one is really drawing me in. I love the way the black on the front looks a bit like it is has had a paint brush waved across it. It works really well with the red and it is a stand out shirt without being too in your face like some of the previous International shirts that have been released. 


I would have had this in my collection by now if it was a bit cheaper as I just can't justify paying £70 for a football shirt these days. I would rather wait until it dropped in price although every time I do see it I head towards it and have almost purchased it a few times. For me I am a sucker for a shirt with a collar, but I also just love blue England shirts, in fact my favourite is the 1990 World Cup shirt but this is definitely a very close second. I love the bold blue with the red detailing and stripe down the side as it just makes it that bit different from previous years where we have had the red shirts. I think this is definitely going to be in my collection sooner rather than later.


I think I have had more Portugal shirts over the years than any other country just down to Ronaldo being one of my all time favourite players. I am absolutely loving the new shirt Nike have brought out for them this season as it is just a nice simple, subtle shirt with a nice collar. Some teams have just gone over the top lately with shirt designs but this is just nice and simple with a few bits of details on the sleeves and down the side that is nice and subtle. This shirt is just done right, not every shirt needs to be in your face sometimes a classic look stands out just as much. 


I would have had this shirt by now if I could find one with the 3 stars on for the USWNT but unfortunately I haven't managed to yet so it is still missing from the collection. I love the dark blue on this shirt mixed in with the hints of lighter blue and just a little bit of red thrown in on the side. The print just works well together and the shirt isn't in your face at all but is different to others. 


I have loved the past few France shirts that have been released but I think this one is my favourite out of them. Again it is just nice and simple with the red bold stripe going across the chest to bring a little stand out point without getting too in your face. I love the way it seems to have skinny hoops in the design which alternates between dark and light blue. 


Nike have been killing it with the Nigeria lately and there has been a lot of hype around the kits releases and this release hasn't disappointed. I think this might be my favourite one though as whilst others have been really in your face, this one is toned down just a little bit. I love how the badge is in the centre with the white background flowing down the centre of the shirt. The green print is running along either side of the white which for me just highlights the badge a little more. I also love how the green is in different shades on either side and has different prints. It is safe to say the Nigeria shirts are unique and I think that is why they appeal to so many people. I know I definitely want this one in my collection. 

So there you have it those are my favourite International shirts that have been released recently, I definitely want to try add these to my shirt collection soon and fingers crossed you will end up seeing them on Instagram if I do purchase them. What is your favourite recently released International shirt?

My Favourite Premier League Third Shirts 20/21

Carrying on with the favourite shirts this season series today we have my favourite Premier League 3rd shirts. To me teams 3rd shirts are fantastic as they let the club and kit manufacturer go a little crazy which we have certainly seen happen in previous years. This year some of the 3rd kits have been totally out there whilst others have toned it back a bit and gone for a classic look, so here are those 3rd shirts that made my favourites list....


Puma have smashed it with this shirt in my opinion. I love the purple and the neon colours on this shirt as they just work really well together. There is also a bit of a retro aspect to this shirt with the lined print in black on the shirt which is fantastic. The best part of this shirt is that it stands out without being too in your face. 


I love the colours on this shirt and I really love it when teams incorporate the salmon pink into their kits as I think it is a great colour which we don't see too much. This shirt is quite a subtle shirt and the small amounts of pink just give it that little bit extra, the colour of the actual shirt is fantastic too with it being a bit of a blended blue / green colour. 


Leicester seem to have gone for a classic white shirt with a really subtle print across their shirt, the faded grey lines just add something extra to the shirt without it taking away from the overall simplicity. This shirt is by far one of my favourites as Adidas haven't gone overboard and have added extra without taking away from the simplicity of the design. It works with the clubs classic blue as the stripes too as they are able to stand out on the white background the shirt provides.

West Ham

West Ham have definitely kept it classic with their 3rd shirt, just look at the classic black with gold and how it is subtle but makes an impression. Umbro for me are a massively underrated kit supplier and this shirt for me just goes to prove how underrated they are. This shirt reminds me of a colour way you are most likely to find on a pair of boots not a shirt in the Premier League but it works really well.

Manchester United

Now I remember when I first saw this shirt I just laughed and thought why would any fan want to buy a zebra print shirt. But honestly the more I see it the more it grows on me. I think it is just the fact it is so different and out there for the club that it took me a little by surprise at first but now it is definitely a shirt I would love to add into my collection in the future. 

So there you have it those are my favourite Premier League 3rd shirts for this season, what are yours?

My Favourite Premier League Away Shirts 20/21

Not only do we have some fantastic Premier League home shirts but once again the away shirts are also a great talking point with some fantastic designs. Some designs are nice and simple fitting in with clubs classic looks but some are totally out there and are certain standouts. So just like we did with the home shirts let's see what made my list of favourite Premier League away shirts...  


Honestly I never thought I would like an Arsenal shirt but this away one just looks fantastic. I love how the colours work well together and those red lines just add a nice detail to the shirt making it standout but not being too in your face. I actually loved this as soon as I saw it where as most shirts take some time to grow on me. 

West Ham

West Ham seem to have kept it nice and classic with their new away shirt with it simply being their classic claret and blue. The blue certainly takes centre stage on this shirt but is nicely broken down by the 2 claret stripes. I think I like this shirt is on the list down to how simple it looks. 

Aston Villa

Similarly to the West Ham shirt Aston Villa have gone nice and simple too and kept the shirt looking nice and clean. Kappa are another kit maker who are bringing out some great shirts lately and this is definitely a favourite of mine from them. I love the subtle stripes with the little bit of blue in terms of the badge, logos and that bit on the collar. 


I don't know what it is that makes me like this Chelsea shirt so much but honestly it is probably in the top 3. I think it might be down to just how different it is with the nice light blue with the different lines in different shades of blue to make up the pattern on the shirt. Again though it is just that big 3 sponsor on the front that makes me like it just a little less.

So there you have it that makes up my list of favourite Premier League away shirts. What are your favourites? 

Match Report : Bradford City Women vs Leeds United Women.

A cold, wet & windy Tuesday night game is exactly what we got when Bradford City Women faced Leeds United Women. It is safe to say the Tuesday night games have been missed and this was a great way to return to them. The weather had been poor all day but the pitch at The Mitton Group stadium held up well and provided the space for a fantastic game from both sides. 

 Right from the kick off you could tell it was going to be a good game with the wet surface playing a big part in it. It was very end to end with some fantastic breaks from either side but neither were to capitalise on the chance they created. City were shown a bit of hope though when they were awarded a penalty after Gill was brought down in the box on the 26th minute. Unfortunately though City failed to convert the penalty and the game stayed level but not for long after Leeds were awarded a penalty on the 37th minute which they converted to make it 0-1. It was a questionable penalty though as it appeared that Robert's challenge was not only outside the area but that she also won the ball. 

The penalty didn't stop City though they carried on fighting and showing the determination that they weren't going to be behind all game. Before half time there was confusion as the referee signaled for another penalty to Leeds before talking to his assistant and over turning the decision. Throughout the game there were some very strange calls given and some even missed but neither team let it stop them, they still gave it their all. 

City went into half time 1-0 down but that scoreline certainly didn't reflect the first half. 

You could see throughout the game just how much effort City was putting into each attack and when they had to be back to defend. They played some great passes and got themselves into some fantastic positions but unfortunately they just couldn't get the ball into the back of the net. Well that was until the Leeds 'keeper fumbled a great free kick by Roberts and Jakeman was there to slot the ball home. It was a well deserved goal for City who had been on the hunt for a goal all game. This one found the back of the net unlike those chances that went by.

City really picked up the tempo in the final 10 minutes as they continued to hunt down that winning goal whilst Leeds seemed to tire. It just goes to show how much pressure they put on as in those final 10 minutes gave them plenty of possession and a few more chances. It was nice to see the crowd getting behind the team too and trying to encourage them to keep going and take the chances they created for themselves, it definitely really added to the derby day feel. 

There could have been plenty more chances for City in those 90 minutes but unfortunately due to conditions and a few heavy first touches it wasn't meant to be and they settled for the draw.

It would certainly be a tough decision if you had to pick a player of the match as everyone on the pitch game it their all but for me the two standout players were certainly Roberts & Gill who were always making those tackles when they were needed and also were great at getting forward and creating those chances for City. Roberts made some absolutely fantastic challenges in dangerous areas to keep Leeds at bay and wasn't afraid to put her body on the line to win the ball back. Stuart also had yet another fantastic game in midfield and was a key player throughout the 90 minutes by taking some chances and winning the ball back well. 

This to me was the best game I have seen City play in a while and they went away with a well deserved point when they could have easily taken all 3 points with how they played which is a very different story from when the two teams faced each other in November last year where Leeds came out as 3-0 winners. This just goes to show how much the team has progressed under the management of Chris Hames and his team, if this game is anything to go by it could be a good season for Bradford this season. Things really are starting to look up for the team.