Growing Up Here Are The Manchester United Players I loved...

 In terms of who I support in football my answer will always be Bradford City however, I certainly have a soft spot for Manchester United and even managed to get to a few games. I would pick up a new shirt most years and some of my favourite players ever have played for the club. I used to love sitting and watching games and keeping track of how well they were doing and there were just some certain players I could not get enough of. So here are my favourite Manchester United players I have witnessed play for the club over the years that I have been watching them...

Ruud Van Nistelrooy 
Ah Van Nistelrooy one of the first attackers I really paid attention to. People used to claim he was a bit of a goal line hanger but for me it was a case of he was always in the right place at the right time. There was just something about him that drew me to watching him play he was certainly a stand out. I even have a Van Nistelrooy scarf somewhere. 

Edwin Van Der Sar
90% of the time I would never consider adding a goalkeeper to a favourite list of mine but Van Der Sar was just an absolutely fantastic goal keeper and very rarely let his side down. He worked really well with those players around him and was a goalkeeper where you could see the passion when he played. 

Roy Keane
I honestly don't think they make them like Roy Keane anymore. He was a no nonsense hard hitter who Man Utd could really do with these days. I can honestly say I would have never have wanted to play against him as one wrong move and that was it you have a target on your back for the full 90 minutes. What I still love about Roy is how he is a great pundit too as he is one of the ones who really knows what he is talking about still and you can still see the passion when he talks about United. 

Cristiano Ronaldo 
Ronaldo is certainly that one player I was mesmerized with growing up and honestly still to this day he is constantly impressing me as the skill he brings to the teams he plays on is another level. Growing up when I was playing I just wanted to play like him as he was that player who always stood out.  

Nani is another player who always stood out when he played at United and honestly he still does over in the MLS for Orlando City in my opinion. I was so glad when he signed for the MLS team I support as it meant I had even more reason to follow him once again. There was just something about him that stood out when he was at United and that back flip celebration was great. 

Patrice Evra
Of course footballs funny man is on this list. Evra was a fantastic defender and was also great at helping the team get into some very dangerous positions. Even when his time at United was up I was occasionally checking up on where he ended up and how he was doing and now his social media is one of my favourites with the videos he creates for them. I enjoy seeing him commentating on games too as he doesn't take it overly serious but certainly gets his point across. 

I think it was the day Man Utd announced that they signed Chicharito that I said I wanted his name on the back of my shirt that year. He certainly didn't disappoint me either, I remember telling my grandad he would do well for the club and he said he wasn't sure but Chicharito definitely proved himself. So much so when West Ham signed him I even checked their progress too to see how well he was doing. 

David Beckham
Would it be a favourite United players without the legend that is David Beckham? There was just something with Beckham that made the way he made those passes, curled those free-kicks and just ruled the pitch. We went to the reunion game last year and WOW he could have easily have still been playing with some of the passes he was picking out. For me he definitely made that number 7 stand out whilst I was growing up and he was certainly one of my biggest inspirations growing up. 

So there you have it those are those Manchester United players that have stood out to me throughout the years that I have been watching. Who are some of your favourite past Manchester United players?  

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