My Favourite Foreign Home Shirts For The 20/21 Season

Not only are the Premier league sides getting some great shirt but the over seas clubs are fantastic too. I watch plenty of leagues from around the world and what I love is seeing is what shirts each team are going to be given that season, are they going to be subtle and classic or are they going to be in your face with their design? 

Here are my picks of my favourite home shirts for the European teams this year... 

Atletico Madrid

I have always been a fan of the Atletico shirts as I love the red and white stripes. In fact I love quite a few shirts across the world that are red and white as they just work so well together. I love how simple this shirt looks then you have the added bonus of the collar and the buttons which just makes this shirt seem a lot more stylish. This is a shirt I would very happily wear on a day to day basis due to the fact it looks a little smarter than other shirts. 


I aren't quite sure what it is about this shirt that makes me love it but I do think it is due to how simple it looks. I love the how the red is the main colour with a little bit of gold and black. I just wish the sponsor wasn't too big on the front as it does take away from the simplicity a bit and is there really any need for the sponsor to be so big? Make the sponsor a bit smaller and you will have the perfect simplistic shirt that stands out for all the right reasons. 


I absolutely love this seasons Fiorentina shirt, it carries on with the purple that the club is known for and is just that bit different to other clubs home shirts due to the colour. I love how you get a bit extra added to what would otherwise be a plain shirt thanks to the Kappa logo detailing on the sleeve with the white cuffs. The white and purple work really well together and although there is a fair bit of branding on the shirt it works well. 

Bayern Munich 

To say I don't really pay much attention to Bayern Munich I always seem to fall in love with their shirts. Bayern Munich seem to have a great shirt each season and this season is definitely no different. I love the red with the subtle red and white stripes down the side. I also love how the shirts seems a little bit longer in the back which you don't often see. The shirt is just so simple but looks like it could turn into a classic due to it's simplicity which you don't see many big clubs doing these days. 

Borussia Dortmund

Puma have killed it with this seasons BVB shirt in my opinion. Sticking with the classic yellow and black I love how the yellow is broken down by what I can only describe as black tiger stripes. These just make the shirt stand out from the crowd and gives the shirt a great effect overall. The best thing is that even though it is a standout shirt, it isn't too in your face, it is a shirt I would happily wear on a day to day basis. 


Another shirt that Puma have done really well this season is this Marseille one. I love how simple it appears at first glance, a white shirt but with a little blue on the collar and sleeves. But when you do look closer you see that hidden detail print on the shirt, it is subtle but noticeable. Again this is definitely a shirt you could easily wear on a day to day basis. It is nice to see a shirt that is nice and subtle like this compared to some other designs we have seen this year. 

So there you have it those are a few of my favourite home shirts for the teams overseas. Maybe one day some of these may find their way into my shirt collection.  Which overseas team's home shirts are you loving this season?

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