My Favourite Foreign 3rd Shirts For The 20/21 Season

 So we have had my favourite overseas shirts from the home and away selection. So now we have my favourite 3rd shirts from overseas. It was certainly a difficult decision when narrowing down my selection but here are the shirts that stand out to me the most...

Real Madrid
I love the Real Madrid 3rd shirt for this season, with the black shirt and pink writing. What I love most though is the detail that is hidden in the shirt when you look closer. I definitely prefer this to the other bold paisley printed shirts I have seen this season such as the Manchester City kit. If you saw this shirt from a distance you probably wouldn't even know there was an extra pattern on the shirt. The black and pink definitely work really well together. 

Red Bull Leipzig 

Now Red Bull Leipzig are a team I really don't bother with but Liam has started keeping an eye on them which is what brought this shirt to my attention. This shirt is just so in your face but in such a good way. The colours work really well together and although the shirt is so in your face it works, the colours blend nicely together. I think if this kit was available on FIFA 21 it would be one I purchased straight away but who knows it might find its way into my actually football shirt collection one day. 

Inter Milan

As soon as I saw an image on FIFA of this shirt I knew I wanted it as it just looks so good. The black and grey horizontal stripes work really well with the light blue on the bottom of the sleeves and around the front of the neck line. I really like the yellow for the sponsor too as it just adds a bit more colour to the shirt. I love the central positioning of the clubs badge too as I love when a badge is in the middle of the shirt as it just makes it a little bit different. 


Juventus have brought out some fantastic 3rd shirts over the past few years and this seasons is certainly no different. I think I prefer this one over the previous years as it so different, in fact it gives me autumn vibes as it looks when the leaves fall from the trees and end up on the floor at that time of the year. Adidas make some absolutely fantastic shirts for Juventus and I love how this one stands out with a totally different pattern, each year is something totally different. 


To say I was never a fan of Barcelona shirts they have appeared on my favourite shirts posts twice. This 3rd shirt may just be my favourite between the 3rd and away shirt as the colours are fantastic. I love the pink and mint green with a hint of black in small areas. I wasn't a fan of pink shirts until the Manchester United one a few seasons ago now but I am definitely sold on them. 


Just like the Barcelona away shirt the Ajax shirt is a nice simple black shirt with gold on and a bit of grey down the side of the black. As I said with the Barcelona away shirt I love the black and gold colourway but I love how Adidas have incorporated that bit of grey to add a little extra to this shirt. Adidas have brought out some fantastic shirts this season and this is no exception. 

So there you have it those are my favourite 3rd shirts for this season from overseas there are quite a few of these that I want to add to my collection but which would you pick?

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