My Favourite Foreign Away Shirts For The 20/21 Season

Just like with the overseas team's home shirts there are a lot of great away shirts being released this year. To be honest I think for most clubs the away shirt is actually better than the home shirt as they just look like they have had more thought put into them. So here are some of my favourite away shirts for those teams overseas...

Borussia Dortmund

BVB's home shirt featured in my favourite home shirt post but again Puma have killed it with the away shirt too. The black shirt with the yellow stripe diagonally across the front which separates a solid black from a faint graffiti BVB print that fills that lower diagonal section. I will be honest when I first looked at this shirt I didn't even notice the graffiti effect but I love it. This is something totally different and is subtle so you don't get your attention drawn to it straight away. 


By now you will all know I love a shirt with a collar but Nike have smashed it out of the park with this Roma away shirt. I love Roma and keep adding their shirts into my collection but I was let down with their home shirt this season so luckily the away shirt made up for it. I love the colour of this shirt with the classic Roma colours on the sides, sleeves and collar. This is definitely a very smart design. 


To be honest I have never really been a fan of Barcelona shirts but this black and gold away shirt from Nike may just have changed my mind. This is definitely different to the past few Barcelona away shirts we have seen but in a very good way. This one looks so smart and classic. It catches your eye without making you think 'why on earth have they done that' which some clubs shirts definitely do get you thinking. The gold just works so well with the black to create a great looking shirt. 


Oh look another shirt with a collar surprise surprise. I love how smart this seasons PSG away shirt looks. The classic PSG colours down the middle of the white shirt gives a nice block detail and the blue collar just makes the shirt look so much smarter. A nice simple and smart shirt, I honestly do believe that without the collar on the shirt I wouldn't have been interest but thanks to the collar I think it may be a future purchase. 


To be honest I would never have bothered with Wolfsburg in the past but whilst scrolling through the Nike site this shirt caught my eye. It is a very simple design, a bit like the Barcelona one but the green just makes it different and catch your eye. Teamed up with the green shorts you aren't going to miss the Wolfsburg players on game day. I love how it is simply black and green with just a tiny bit of white on it. 

So there you have it those are my favourite overseas away shirts, again I think some of these may be added to my shirt collection in the future. Whats is your favourite away shirt from teams overseas?

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