Are times changing for Bradford City?

Are things finally changing at Bradford City? After an appalling season last season Gary Bowyer has finally got a team who can play together. Last season we had players in the squad who you would have expected to run away with the league, instead we were relegated. Josh Wright kicked off the season then disappeared until the last few games, there were a few players noticeably missing which really didn't help plus there was a huge lack of communication between the team and stupid mistakes been made. This led to fans turning on the players and managers booing them off the pitch, along with trying to get joint chairman Rahic out, which eventually worked.

Bowyer was seemingly given chance to put his opinion out there to the board when it came to signings this summer and he has definitely made some good choices. One of the main ones is the signing of Paudie O'Connor from Leeds, although he is only a young player he is showing what it takes to be a great defender and I can see him only improving in the future. He somehow even managed to sign James Vaughan, why he chose City I still don't know. Bowyer has also managed to get players from last season back on track, Hope Akpan didn't really have a fantastic season last season but honestly I believe that had a lot to do with those around him not playing as they should and giving him options but this season he has been great, making runs forward getting back defending, even grabbing a few goals in the process. Another player who seems to be doing a lot better is 'keeper Richard O'Donnell, he has been pulling off some fantastic saves lately which have kept City in the game but he also looks a lot more confident and seems happier to play it out from the back rather than just kick it up field. I really do believe this may be down to how much stronger his back line is now looking and he can trust them in not messing it up. Even Anthony O'Connor seems to be doing a bit better this season but I think that may be down to actually having some competition for his spot now. 

City have played 14 games so far won 8, drawn 3 and lost 3 which is definitely a whole lot better than last season. They are currently 5 games without a loss and on their 3rd consecutive win, can they make it 4 tonight? It is nice seeing them 2nd in the table and not sitting at the bottom. The winning ways has brought the atmosphere back to Valley Parade too, so many times last season it was far too quiet as results weren't going our way, the chant you heard most was 'we want Edin out' whereas now the chants are back for the 90 minutes and K block are back on top form, you can just tell things are going back to the good old ways for the club and I am loving it. Let's just hope we can keep this up for the rest of the season and gain automatic promotion, I don't think I could go through Wembley again.

Keep an eye on here as very soon I will be doing a post all about my current favourite City players.

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