10 Football Facts About Me

So for today's post with the blog being new I thought I would give you a little bit more information on me and how I got into loving the beautiful game so much. It hasn't always been this way though and I think some facts may intrigue you all a little bit. So here we go here are 10 footballing facts about me...

1. I started playing at a young age as my best friend at the time wanted to join, that is why I made the switch from Rugby. Before this I had been to a lot of football matches but I preferred going to Rugby ones with my grandad. If only I knew how hooked I would get on the game.

2. I have played for a few teams over the years and even got put through a few trials for Centre of Excellences. The teams that I had the trials for were Man Utd, Leeds and Bradford City unfortunately nothing ever came of these though.

3. Kelley O'Hara has always been my favourite USWNT player, more so in recent years she has cemented herself in the number 1 spot due to how she has bounced back from injury and has claimed her spot as one of the best defenders in the world. As someone who has struggled with injury she has taught me never to give up and keep going. Plus she is absolutely hilarious.

4. Believe it or not I didn't properly get into the women's game until 2014/15. I went to an Arsenal vs Leeds game with my club when I was younger but that was it other than dipping in and out of the game. It just didn't hook me and give me the same enjoyment the men's game did but lately it is the opposite and it has been going that way for a while now sooner or later both games will be on an equal level for me.

5. I have a few signed items hanging around the house including images, books but most importantly shirts, I have a Darby training top signed by the whole Bradford City team which was to raise money for MND, at the side of that I have a signed Lucy Bronze shirt from when I met her, I actually got her to sign my phone too. 

6. Over the years I have met a lot of players and teams mainly due to my dad being head steward at City whilst I was growing up. One memory though that will always stand out to me is when Fiorentina came to Valley Parade, their players were amazing and spent a lot of time chatting to my dad and even give me a lot of badges and sausage rolls, as a little kid this was the highlight of my day.

7. I actually support the USWNT more that I support England. There is just something about that team that drew me in. So in this years world cup when it came down to the USWNT vs England I was laughed at by my family for wearing the shirt I made in the image above and cheering when Press scored. 

8. I may support Bradford City but I have always had a soft spot for Man Utd, growing up I would always get a Man Utd shirt for my birthday and I would go to games whenever I could. The most recent game was the Treble reunion.

9. From a young age every holiday me or the family went on abroad I would get a football kit (we knew they were fake it was pretty obvious) whether that was me personally picking it out or them bringing it back for me. Even to this day at 25 years old my Auntie still brings home a shirt for me, it seems to have become a tradition.

10. I will literally watch any game as football just because it is football I aren't just one of these people who will only watch 1 team. This has led me to follow plenty of teams from all around the world in both the men's and women's game along with making some friends and meeting new people along the way. The game has always been an escape for me and long may the love of the game continue for me.

So there you have it that is a little bit more about me, the person behind the blog.

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