My Favourite Premier League Third Shirts 20/21

Carrying on with the favourite shirts this season series today we have my favourite Premier League 3rd shirts. To me teams 3rd shirts are fantastic as they let the club and kit manufacturer go a little crazy which we have certainly seen happen in previous years. This year some of the 3rd kits have been totally out there whilst others have toned it back a bit and gone for a classic look, so here are those 3rd shirts that made my favourites list....


Puma have smashed it with this shirt in my opinion. I love the purple and the neon colours on this shirt as they just work really well together. There is also a bit of a retro aspect to this shirt with the lined print in black on the shirt which is fantastic. The best part of this shirt is that it stands out without being too in your face. 


I love the colours on this shirt and I really love it when teams incorporate the salmon pink into their kits as I think it is a great colour which we don't see too much. This shirt is quite a subtle shirt and the small amounts of pink just give it that little bit extra, the colour of the actual shirt is fantastic too with it being a bit of a blended blue / green colour. 


Leicester seem to have gone for a classic white shirt with a really subtle print across their shirt, the faded grey lines just add something extra to the shirt without it taking away from the overall simplicity. This shirt is by far one of my favourites as Adidas haven't gone overboard and have added extra without taking away from the simplicity of the design. It works with the clubs classic blue as the stripes too as they are able to stand out on the white background the shirt provides.

West Ham

West Ham have definitely kept it classic with their 3rd shirt, just look at the classic black with gold and how it is subtle but makes an impression. Umbro for me are a massively underrated kit supplier and this shirt for me just goes to prove how underrated they are. This shirt reminds me of a colour way you are most likely to find on a pair of boots not a shirt in the Premier League but it works really well.

Manchester United

Now I remember when I first saw this shirt I just laughed and thought why would any fan want to buy a zebra print shirt. But honestly the more I see it the more it grows on me. I think it is just the fact it is so different and out there for the club that it took me a little by surprise at first but now it is definitely a shirt I would love to add into my collection in the future. 

So there you have it those are my favourite Premier League 3rd shirts for this season, what are yours?

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