My Favourite International Shirts 20/21

Over the recent years the shirts on the international scene have just been getting better and better. I was never a fan of international shirts and weren't really bothered about purchasing them, it really was hit and miss on if I got one or not however, now more than ever I have been very tempted to add a few into my collection. 

So here are my favourite International shirts that have been released in the past year or so...


I have never been bothered about the Belgium shirt at all but for some reason this one is really drawing me in. I love the way the black on the front looks a bit like it is has had a paint brush waved across it. It works really well with the red and it is a stand out shirt without being too in your face like some of the previous International shirts that have been released. 


I would have had this in my collection by now if it was a bit cheaper as I just can't justify paying £70 for a football shirt these days. I would rather wait until it dropped in price although every time I do see it I head towards it and have almost purchased it a few times. For me I am a sucker for a shirt with a collar, but I also just love blue England shirts, in fact my favourite is the 1990 World Cup shirt but this is definitely a very close second. I love the bold blue with the red detailing and stripe down the side as it just makes it that bit different from previous years where we have had the red shirts. I think this is definitely going to be in my collection sooner rather than later.


I think I have had more Portugal shirts over the years than any other country just down to Ronaldo being one of my all time favourite players. I am absolutely loving the new shirt Nike have brought out for them this season as it is just a nice simple, subtle shirt with a nice collar. Some teams have just gone over the top lately with shirt designs but this is just nice and simple with a few bits of details on the sleeves and down the side that is nice and subtle. This shirt is just done right, not every shirt needs to be in your face sometimes a classic look stands out just as much. 


I would have had this shirt by now if I could find one with the 3 stars on for the USWNT but unfortunately I haven't managed to yet so it is still missing from the collection. I love the dark blue on this shirt mixed in with the hints of lighter blue and just a little bit of red thrown in on the side. The print just works well together and the shirt isn't in your face at all but is different to others. 


I have loved the past few France shirts that have been released but I think this one is my favourite out of them. Again it is just nice and simple with the red bold stripe going across the chest to bring a little stand out point without getting too in your face. I love the way it seems to have skinny hoops in the design which alternates between dark and light blue. 


Nike have been killing it with the Nigeria lately and there has been a lot of hype around the kits releases and this release hasn't disappointed. I think this might be my favourite one though as whilst others have been really in your face, this one is toned down just a little bit. I love how the badge is in the centre with the white background flowing down the centre of the shirt. The green print is running along either side of the white which for me just highlights the badge a little more. I also love how the green is in different shades on either side and has different prints. It is safe to say the Nigeria shirts are unique and I think that is why they appeal to so many people. I know I definitely want this one in my collection. 

So there you have it those are my favourite International shirts that have been released recently, I definitely want to try add these to my shirt collection soon and fingers crossed you will end up seeing them on Instagram if I do purchase them. What is your favourite recently released International shirt?

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