My Favourite Premier League Away Shirts 20/21

Not only do we have some fantastic Premier League home shirts but once again the away shirts are also a great talking point with some fantastic designs. Some designs are nice and simple fitting in with clubs classic looks but some are totally out there and are certain standouts. So just like we did with the home shirts let's see what made my list of favourite Premier League away shirts...  


Honestly I never thought I would like an Arsenal shirt but this away one just looks fantastic. I love how the colours work well together and those red lines just add a nice detail to the shirt making it standout but not being too in your face. I actually loved this as soon as I saw it where as most shirts take some time to grow on me. 

West Ham

West Ham seem to have kept it nice and classic with their new away shirt with it simply being their classic claret and blue. The blue certainly takes centre stage on this shirt but is nicely broken down by the 2 claret stripes. I think I like this shirt is on the list down to how simple it looks. 

Aston Villa

Similarly to the West Ham shirt Aston Villa have gone nice and simple too and kept the shirt looking nice and clean. Kappa are another kit maker who are bringing out some great shirts lately and this is definitely a favourite of mine from them. I love the subtle stripes with the little bit of blue in terms of the badge, logos and that bit on the collar. 


I don't know what it is that makes me like this Chelsea shirt so much but honestly it is probably in the top 3. I think it might be down to just how different it is with the nice light blue with the different lines in different shades of blue to make up the pattern on the shirt. Again though it is just that big 3 sponsor on the front that makes me like it just a little less.

So there you have it that makes up my list of favourite Premier League away shirts. What are your favourites? 

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