Our Current Favourite Bradford City Players

It has been a strange start to the season for the Bradford City team with some great performances and some absolutely terrible ones, we went into the season full of hope after a pretty promising build up to the start of the season. However, once again it has been difficult to be a City fan with results just not going our way when we know that on paper our team is capable of big things. For some reason something isn't clicking at times with the team and performances just haven't been good enough. A few players have definitely not had the best of times lately and a few have also been hit by injuries that have kept them out for a while so I can't really judge them, there are a few players who have definitely stood out for me though and have had some very good games and have helped Bradford City get some of the results they desperately needed. So here are our current favourite Bradford City players...

Vernham has been brilliant out on the wing for us this season as his pace really helps us beat the opposition defenders and also get us in some dangerous places. He is also able to put some really good balls into the box which is what we really lack when he is unavailable for selection. He has got a few goals to his name but honestly it is his build up play that impresses me the most. 

I am so glad that Sutton is back from injury as he has been a big part of the team recently. He is absolutely fantastic in the middle of the field and can win the ball back in some great positions for us and help us break forward. He is definitely what City have been missing recently and fingers crossed he can stay injury free as I think he is going to be a key player for us and help us finally start to move up the table. 

Callum Cooke is a brilliant player whether he starts on the field of play or comes on as a substitute. His set pieces are great and he is brilliant in the middle of the field. I would love to see more of him alongside Sutton though as I think that midfield partnership could be great. I would definitely love to see Cooke get some more game play as he definitely deserves it and a few of the current midfielders definitely look like they could use a rest. 

I have absolutely loved Paudie O'Connor since he first arrived at the club as he is a great defender for such a young age. He has solidified his spot in central defence and is not only a great defender but we have seen how he can grab a goal for himself at set pieces. O'Connor doesn't seem to make as many rash decisions as he used to and he has shown he is a leader of the team. Let's hope he can stay injury free and away from suspension as the team definitely need him in that back line. 

Songo'o was one of the players we got in the summer and I was a bit on the fence about how he would fit into the squad but since seeing him play I have realised how good of a player he is. He is great in defence or as a defensive midfielder and he has put in some great challenges and helped us get into some great positions. Having him as an extra defender when he is in that defensive midfielder role is great as it just gives us a bit more protection at the back. Yes he has had some questionable games but so have the rest of the team but he seems to realise his mistakes a lot quicker and bounce back with a great performance.

These players have definitely helped City out so far this season and I can see them being influential right up until the end of the season. I am sure when I do my favourite players of the season overall some of these names are still going to be in the mix as I can only see them helping the squad as long as they stay injury free. It is going to be interesting to see how the season progresses for City after the Christmas period and I hope it is going to be a case of us starting to pick up all 3 points from games and hopefully by the end of the season a few more names will make the list.  

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