End of Year New In Shirt Round Up

I honestly thought I had done well when it came to buying football shirts this year but as I was putting the images together for this post I realised that I have actually added a lot more football shirts to my collection than I originally thought. I also noticed that there is actually quite a good mixture of shirts that I have acquired and I have actually added some women's fit shirts which is definitely a change as I normally only buy men's fitting ones. So here are the shirts that I have added to my collection over the course of 2021... 

Me and Liam added another Rangers shirt to our collection at the start of 2021 thanks to it being on offer at Classic Football Shirts. I think that these were just £12.99 each so there was no way weren't ordering them. I can see a lot more Rangers shirts been added into the collection over the next few years. 

My auntie actually got me this Atletico Madrid shirt from a local charity shop and I am amazed at the condition it is actually in. There are a few little things like the Nike sizing being worn out in the neck of the shirt but other than that it is actually in great condition. It has all the badges on the sleeves to which is a great little bonus. 

This shirt is one that was simply purchased due to my love for it on FIFA Ultimate Team. This was my teams shirt all through my time with the game and I fell in love with it. I honestly never thought that I would own a RB Leipzig shirt but as soon as I saw it in the end of season sale I knew I had to purchase it. 

This PSG 2020/21 away shirt was another end of season sale purchase that I certainly don't regret. When this short was originally released I told Liam that I wanted it so when I saw it on offer it went straight into my basket. I had never really been bothered by PSG shirts in the past but I think it was the collar that sold me on this shirt the whole thing just looks brilliant and to say I don't normally like white shirts I have actually won this shirt a fair bit. 

I absolutely love watching Away Days, Ellis who runs the channel is fantastic and I honestly watch every video he posts. When he announced these shirts earlier in the year I knew I had to make sure I got one as the overall design is fantastic. 

For Liam's birthday I got him a retro Barcelona shirt and I just had to get myself this Juventus one at the same time. As soon as I saw the image of it on the website I knew it needed to be added to the collection and I really can't wait to wear it when it finally fits me properly. I would love to add more shirts like this into my collection in the future. 

As I said earlier I don't normally buy women's fitting shirts just because I feel they are ridiculously tight no matter what size you get. I saw this Barcelona shirt in Sports Direct for £15 though and bought it straight away. Yes I am never going to fit into this but it is such a nice shirt with the colour and the collar. This is definitely one of my favourite Barcelona shirt in recent years. 

When I got my Barcelona shirt I also spotted this England Lionesses home shirt for just £10 and although it is in a women's size I made sure to purchase it as I already had the home shirt at home. I would love to be able to fit in this for the Euros in July but I highly doubt that. 

I have wanted a Kelley O'Hara shirt for the longest time and I finally got my hands on one this year thanks to Foudy's. This was under £50 and I am so glad I have it, I know there was a lot of controversy around the team and they are no more but with O'Hara being one of my favourite players I knew it was time to have a shirt with her name on in my collection. Maybe a Washington Spirit one should be next. 

This is definitely my most recent purchase and is one I have looked forward to for the longest time. I remember watching Bradford City vs Fiorentina when I was little and then meeting the team after the game and they were fantastic and gave us some badges and key rings alongside some food. I have said for years I was going to get a Fiorentina shirt but it wasn't until I found this one for £25 on Classic Football Shirts that I finally took the plunge and purchased the shirt. I absolutely love this but I am definitely glad I sized up in it as it is certainly tight fitting. 

Another end of season sale pick up was the 2020/21 Bradford City home shirt which was just £15 I believe. With fans not being allowed to games for this season I will be honest I wasn't too bothered with getting the shirts but at £15 I couldn't really pass on it. It is actually a really nice shirt too so I am glad I have it in my collection. 

When I got the 2020.21 home shirt I also ended up with the third shirt and to say I normally avoid lighter coloured shirt I actually really like this one. It is definitely more of a silvery grey colour rather than white which makes it that bit better in my eyes and I think it looks much better this colour. 

Of course with me having the home and third shirt I had to add the away shirt to my collection. I absolutely love it when City have this colour kit and I think I will always make sure I purchase any in this colour, I just think they look great. I think this is my favourite out of the 3 City shirts for the 2020/21 season and it is definitely the one I wear the most. 

This Manchester United shirt is actually one of my favourites thanks to the collar and I already owned one which I got for my 16th with my own name on the back. However, this one has one of my favourite players on the back... Chicharito, my auntie actually got me this from a charity shop and it is definitely too big for me but I am so glad to have it in my collection with the name on the back and the badges on the sleeves. 

This purchase was actually for Liam as he had said in the past that he liked this Barcelona shirt, it was actually a birthday present for him and luckily he loved it. I actually got this off someone I follow on Instagram and it was brand new in bag with tags, to be honest I love it and wish I had got one for myself. 

I have another Bradford City 2020/21 home shirt in my collection as my dad one a competition through Bradford City Women that led to him receiving a shirt signed by the men's team which he very kindly gave to me. This is now pride of place on display with the rest of my signed shirts.  

Liam got us both a Secret Shirt Co. mystery box towards the end of the year and I think it is safe to say I have got a brilliant shirt out of my box. I ended up with the FC Utrecht shirt that I had seen on social media a fair bit and it is safe to say I am in love with it. It is such a nice looking shirt. 

I only have one of this seasons Bradford City shirts at the moment and to be honest I think I have picked my favourite one to start with. As I said earlier I normally avoid white shirts but I love this seasons home shirt with its retro vibe. Granted I do want to add a lot more to my collection including a goalkeeper shirt but I think this was the perfect one to start off with. 

When I got my home shirt I ended up getting Liam one of the seasons goalkeeper shirts and I actually wanted to keep this for myself. I am not usually a fan of goalkeeper shirts but Avec have done a great job with Bradford's this year plus with Liam playing in goal when he used to play I knew he would love this one. It actually looks too good to be a goalkeeper shirt and I think it would have looked good as an away one. 

It is safe to say I have added plenty more shirts to the collection in 2021 but I am determined to add even more in 2022 as there are plenty missing especially from this seasons shirt offerings. I need to get some more Bradford ones, PSG and there are a few others I am hoping to get in the end of season sales. Fingers crossed I can get all the ones I am wanting and I am sure 2022's shirt post will be even bigger than this one. 

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