Favourite Premier League Away Shirts 2021/22 Season

Normally for me clubs away shirts are a bit of a let down and don't live up to the home or third shirts these days but this year things seem to be a little different and I am actually really enjoying some of the away shirts that are on offer this season. The kit manufacturers have really come out with some great designs that are actually pretty different to other templates in most cases and I will be honest it was actually pretty hard deciding which shirts made the cut for this post but here are my favourite Premier League away shirts for the 2021/22 season... 

First up of course we have the Manchester United away shirt, I love this one so much I have done a full post about it on its own. I just love the designs on this one as it looks retro and looks better than the past few away shirts they have had recently in my eyes. Adidas have definitely been hit and miss with the Man Utd shirts but this one is ticking all the boxes and I am hoping to purchase this one. 

Now I have never paid any attention to Everton shirts in the past as they just aren't a club I really bother with but this seasons away shirt is standing out to me for all the right reasons. I love black shirt and this one with the bold sash type design in a brighter colour just looks fantastic. I love how the badge is in the shirt colours too as it all just flows really well. A nice simple design compared to what other clubs are coming out with these days. 

Norwich have finally made it back into the Premier League and they now have a brilliant looking away shirt to mark the occasion. Joma are one of those manufacturers that seem to pass me by but this Norwich away shirt has definitely caught my eye with the light blue really standing out on the shirt and showing off those small details on the otherwise very basic shirt. 

I never thought I would be writing about a Leeds shirt being one of my favourites but there is just something that I really like about this Leeds away shirt for this season. The blue and white work really well together and the pattern on the actual shirt just adds a little bit extra to it. The only thing I aren't keen on with this shirt is how big the sponsor is, if this was a bit smaller it really would be the perfect shirt. 

Just like with Leeds, I never thought I would be saying that a Liverpool shirt was one of my favourites but here we are. Nike have had some fantastic shirts in recent years and this Liverpool away one is no exception. I love the collar on this shirt and the colours on it overall. Granted it does look like something a cricket team might wear but it looks great, nice and simple. 

Finally we have this brilliant Newcastle away shirt by Castore, to be honest I hadn't heard of Castore until this season but they have brought out some brilliant shirts for the upcoming campaign. There is just something about this Newcastle shirt I love, the gold colour, the white collar and the wavy kind of design just look great together. Again though that sponsor could be a little bit smaller. 

So those are my favourite Premier League away shirts for this season and it is safe to say there are some teams on that list that I never thought would be featured but some manufacturers have just absolutely knocked it out of the park with the design this time around. What is your favourite Premier League away shirt for this season?

Keep an eye on the blog over the next few weeks as there will be more shirt posts for leagues outside the UK and other UK leagues coming very soon as we have definitely been spoiled this time around. 

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