Favourite Overseas Third Shirts 2021/22 Season

It is safe to say that even the third shirts for the big leagues overseas have been stepped up a gear and there are certainly some stand out ones that just had to make the cut for this favourite third shirt post. Granted this year not many of the third shirts have caught my eye however, the five on this post have stood out to me since they were first released and all due to different reasons. It is funny though as it is only in the past few years I have begun to like the idea of clubs having a third shirt because previously I thought it was all just a bit of a money grabbing scheme. I am definitely coming around to the idea of having more than just the home & away shirts now though and I am actually tempted to add a few third shirts into my collection. So here are my favourite overseas big league third shirts for the 2021/22 season...

Atletico Madrid 

I honestly did't think I would like this shirt due to how simple it looked but honestly I think that might be the big selling point of the shirt for me as it is simple in the right way unlike some of the other shirt offerings we have seen this season (Puma we are looking at you). I also love light blue shirts for some strange reason and I think this blue works well with the red and white detailing to keep those classic Atletico colours incorporated in the shirt. Nike have shown us that sometimes the basics can work well and you don't have to go massively overboard with prints. 


Although I think that Barcelona should have used this as their home kit I am definitely impressed by it and would happily add it into my own collection. Nike have gone all out with the pattern on this shirt but with it blending in with those classic Barcelona colours it works really well. I can't wait to see the design in person either as it looks like it captures Barcelona really well with the images I have already seen. This is certainly an eye catching design and a nice alternative shirt although I don't know how often they will wear it. 


 PSG have kept it nice and simple with their third shirt and it is a shirt that looks basic but smart. I would happily wear this shirt on a daily basis and style it different ways and I think it just shows how they are acting a bit like a fashion brand these days rather than just a football club. I love the central positioning of the PSG club badge along with the red colour and the grey across the sponsor area as it just adds a bit more colour and highlights the sponsor that little bit more. The blocking style works really well on this shirt and it makes a nice change compared to some of their more recent shirts that stand out that bit too much due to their colours. 

RB Leipzig 

I have mentioned before about how much I like the RB Leipzig shirts and this season is no exception, I absolutely all three of their shirts once again this season as the overall pattern and design is great and definitely catches your eye. What I love the most though is how they have stuck with the same design on all three shirts this time around and simply just changed the colour of each of them. I love how the blue and purple work really well together and I think this will be the first RB Leipzig shirt I purchase this season. 


As soon as I saw this Ajax shirt I added it to my shirt wish list for this season. I am a sucker for a black shirt ith red detailing but this 3 little birds shirt ticks all the boxes for me. This shirt takes inspiration from the clubs song and overall just looks absolutely brilliant. Everything about this shirt works really well and yes it might have had to have the 3 little birds removed thanks to UEFA rules but it still looks brilliant and will hopefully be added to my collection soon.  

As I said early I am definitely going to be looking at adding some of these shirts into my collection and I think it could be the Ajax or RB Leipzig one that is my first purchase as they are just brilliant in their own way. No doubt I will end up with a few off this list by the end of the season though. 

What is your favourite third shirt from the big leagues overseas? 

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