Favourite Overseas Home Shirts 2021/22 Season

It isn't just the Premier League teams who are getting some great shirts this year... the teams in Europe and further a field have also got some fantastic shirts for this seasons campaign. So carrying on from the favourite Premier League shirts this time we are picking our favourites from other big leagues around the world, again it was hard to narrow down which shirts made the cut for this post but here are the ones that did make the cut and stand out the most... 


The Scottish champions new shirt is absolutely brilliant and is one that I am hoping to add to my shirt collection very, very soon. The main colour of the shirt is the usual rangers blue with just a few bits of white on the neck line and the edge of the sleeves which look great and perfectly in place as the blue and white complement each other really well. What I like the most though are the gold details of the badge, Castore logo and sponsor. It just works really well with the other colours and the subtle white pinstripes that go down the shirt. The crest is the 150th anniversary ones and the classic retro design of the shirt compliments that well. 

Inter Milan 

I am absolutely loving the front sponsor less Inter Milan home shirt for this season. The lack of front sponsor just looks fantastic and just gives the shirt a nice clean look. The sponsor of Lenovo on the back in gold just adds that sponsor to the shirt but it really doesn't look out of place at all and I think I prefer the sponsor on the back as it takes away less focus from the badge and shirt detail. The dark blue and light blue scale design really works well together and I think this could easily be a future purchase. 


I will be the first to admit that at first I wasn't too sure on this shirt however, the more I have seen it the more I like it. Sticking with the classic Barcelona colours that we have all grown used to I love how this shirt has the broken stripe design for the majority of the front of the shirt with the lines being broken by the sponsor. What I love the most though is the cross in the top right around the Nike logo as it just adds to the shirts overall design, I think he cross might have looks a bit better on the side with the Barcelona club badge though. 

Atletico Madrid

One of the teams whose kits I seem to really like every season lately is actually Atletico Madrid's. This year is certainly no different either as I absolutely love this years home shirt and the distressed kind of look it gives off. They way the shirt looks with the red blending into the white looks brilliant in my opinion and I think this could be very easily added into my shirt collection in the near future. The red and white stripes work very well and I am just grateful that Liam got me keeping a closer eye on Atletcio. 

RB Leipzig 

Ah RB Leipzig my FIFA 21 Ultimate team kit that I stuck with all season and actually ended up purchasing. I am so glad I started to keep a closer eye on RB Leipzig thanks to FIFA as I think they produce some fantastic kits and I can see a few more being added to my collection this season especially their home shirt. I think RB Leipzig are the only team where I like the sponsor being so big on the front as it just fits so well and this year the red pattern on the white shirt just looks fantastic. There is just something that I love about red and white shirts. 

Olympique Marseille 

As soon as the Marseille shirt was announced I knew I had to try add it to my collection so fingers crossed I do managed to get my hands on one. This is yet another retro inspired design that works really well as Puma have captured the retro look really well and the white with light blue accents looks fantastic. I particularly really like the light blue stripes on the sleeves and the navy blue Uber Eats even looks like a perfect fit for the shirt. Fingers crossed I can get my hands on one of these. 

So there you have it those are my favourite shirts from the big leagues outside of the Premier League for the 2021/22 season. It is safe to say that I am going to try my best to get my hands on these shirts from the list as they are the ones that stand out the most to me and simply look fantastic. Keep checking back on the blog as I will be doing plenty more football shirt posts over the coming weeks and into the future. 

What are some of your favourite big league shirts for this season outside of the Premier League? 

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