My Thoughts On The Manchester United 2021/22 Third Shirt

 If you have read the blog recently you will know I have had high praise for quite a few of this seasons shirts produced by Adidas however, there is one that just isn't cutting it for me and believe it or not it is the Manchester United third shirt. There is just something about it that I aren't sure about maybe it is the fact it looks more suited to Leeds than Man Utd and I have said that since I first saw it. Even my mum asked when we was out shopping if it was another new Leeds shirt... I think there are plenty more colourways that could have worked better too. 

Don't get me wrong there are some aspects to the shirt that I do like such as the neck line and the pattern overall as it certainly stands out but it is just that colourway putting me off. Imagine if it was black with red detailing I think that would look absolutely fantastic and fit the club a lot better. I like how the TeamViewer sponsor looks on this shirt too and I think this sponsor will look great for as long as they have the deal as they can easily adapt the colour of this to suit the theme of the shirt without it looking out of place which I think they have struggled with in the past with some of the previous sponsors. I like how it isn't over run with branding either and it lets the design do the talking. This shirt definitely gives me the same kind of vibe as the away shirt with the pattern on it but honestly I think I quite like the pattern compared to previous ones the club has had. 

I think I will end up buying this shirt as I am intending to buy all 3 of the Manchester United shirts this seasons and I am just going to have to suck it up and deal with the colours. Who knows if I look at it a bit closer in person my thoughts might change but for now I am not 100% sold on it. If like me you are wanting to purchase this shirt it will set you back: 

Men's Authentic : £99.95
Men's : £64.95 
Women's Authentic : £99.95
Women's : £64.95
Kids : £49.95
Mini : £44.95

So there you go those are my quick thoughts on this seasons Manchester United third shirt. What do you think to it? Will you be picking one up? 

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