My Thoughts On The Manchester United 2021/22 Away Shirt

It is safe to say a lot of teams have gone for the retro approach this season when it comes to their kits and to be honest I am loving it. There are some great designs this season and before Man Utd announced their away shirt for this season I was curious to what we would get as their home shirt is based on a classic and were they going to carry on with this theme? When the shirt was announced I certainly weren't disappointed as it takes inspiration from the 1991 to 1993 shirt which I loved and would love to add to my collection. So here is a closer look at this seasons away shirt...

Now don't get me wrong I really like this shirt and it is potentially going to be added to my collection but I do think it has one flaw especially if you take this image into consideration.. the bold design seems to wash out the clubs badge a bit in my opinion and it is a bit annoying as I like when the club stands out loud and proud. If anything the sponsor actually stands out more than the badge which is a bit annoying but the TeamViewer sponsor is better than the previous so I don't mind as it doesn't look too out of place and doesn't take up too much space on the actual shirt. 

I really like how this shirts is limited to 3 colours the cloud white, blue and a little bit of the usual Man Utd red. The standout blue zig zag kind of pattern definitely catches your eyes and I was a bit worried at first it would send my eyes funny but actually it looks much better in person. It is safe to say you won't miss fans in the street if they are wearing this shirt though as the bold pattern is bound to catch your eye. 

The only real plain bit of the shirt is the cuffs at the bottom of the sleeves and around the neck line. Every other inch of the shirt is covered by the pattern but those few plain white patches just break it down a little bit and don't look out of place. I like how the 3 stripes on either shoulder are also in the red of the sponsor logo and Adidas badge as it all just flows well and looks tied together. It is safe to say the whole shirt just works really well together. 

At first I wasn't too sure about this kit but the more I see it the more I am interested in it and I am actually really impressed with what Adidas have come up with for this season. The 3 colours keep the otherwise standout shirt to a minimum and I think this is one the collectors could be wanting in the future. I have to admit this shirt might be one of my favourite away shirts overall for the season and the Man Utd home and away shirts are slowly helping restore my faith in Adidas templates as the past few seasons I have been a little underwhelmed with what they have produced. 

I can definitely see me picking this shirt up this year as it is nice and different without looking ridiculous in my eyes. I aren't sure if this will be an immediate purchase or a sale purchase but either way it will be in my collection by the end of the season. If like me you want to purchase the shirt the prices are currently as follow... 

Men's Authentic - £99.95

Men's Standard - £64.95

Women's - £64.95

Kids - £49.95

Mini Kit - £44.95

Baby kit - £37.95

There is an option to buy this kit no matter what age the recipient is so I can see a lot of people ending up wearing this shirt throughout the season and in the future. I can't wait to purchase mine and add it to my growing collection, but will you be picking this shirt up or not? 

There is plenty more shirt content coming up for this season and beyond so make sure you keep checking back to see future posts as we are hoping to get at least one shirt post up each week. 

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