A Bit Of A Closer Look At The Away Days Shirt

Does anyone else have those content creators where they watch every video they put out just because you can tell how passionate they are about what they produce. Well that is what I am like with Ellis Platten's Away Days channel, as soon as a new video goes live I am there watching it. Not only does he show us the match day experience at a variety of levels whilst making it entertaining to watch but he also posts a lot about football shirts... a topic where my interest has grown in recent years. So as soon as I saw the announcement that Ellis was creating his own shirt I new I had to buy it and now I have had it for a while it is safe to say I am definitely not disappointed with my purchase. 

The overall design is just fantastic with the colours working really well together and the fit is even better. Sometimes shirts can be a bit too tight fitting these days however, this one is absolutely spot on and fits comfortably and is great for wearing either training or just on a day to day basis which always makes a shirt better if it looks smart, fits nice and can be worn for more than one thing. I will admit I was a bit hesitant at first as I have never owned a shirt from Hope & Glory before but the quality is great and I can see it lasting a while, even after a lot of washes the shirt hasn't shrunk or lost its shape which I have found happens all too often with some of the big manufactures shirts these days due to them being mass produced sometimes quality isn't great but this isn't the case with the away days shirt. 

I remember as soon as I watched the announcement video I said to Liam, I aren't missing this shirt. The whole video was brilliant and the pyro aspect definitely made it stand out. I was interested to see what the shirt design was going to look like in person and it definitely didn't disappoint. I love how the effect does look like the pyro's and is worked across both the front and back of the shirt, it just makes it look different to other shirts. Then you have the fact the shirt is a darker colour and not too in your face with bold colours like other shirts, I definitely prefer this as I find it is easier to wear and looks quite smart. Even though it is darker colours it is noticeable on its own which just goes to show you don't need all bold colours to stand out sometimes simple is the way to go.  

Where as the shirt its self is nice and simple with the darker colours those extra details being in the bold pink/purple colour just helps them stand out that little bit more whilst not over powering the rest of the shirt. The fact that these colours stand out for those all important details such as the badge and neck & sleeve edging just gives them that bit of an eye catching edge which is fantastic and all the colours work really well together. The fact there is very little of the colour due to there not being branding all over the shirt also helps keep that smarter look and means that for me especially the thing I look at on the shirt most is that away days badge which looks amazing. 

I absolutely love this shirt and I am so glad I made the purchase. Fingers crossed there is another release of new Away Days shirts in the future because even if it is half as good as this one I know I will be buying it. I think that if this shirt is anything to go by I will be making sure I keep an eye out for some of my other favourite creators bringing out their own shirts as it is always nice to support them whilst also gaining another great football shirt for the collection. If big clubs could take note of how great this shirt looks with little branding and simple colours that would be fantastic. 

If you want to check out the content from Away Day's be sure to follow them on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The content is fantastic and the direction it is heading in just shows the growth the channel has made these past few years, I can't wait for upload days. 

Did you pick up an Away Days shirt, if so what did you think to it? Or if you missed out on one what do you like most away this one? 

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