My Favourite Premier League Home Shirts 2021/22

I honestly think one of my favourite things about football these days is becoming the shirts that the teams are wearing each game. That is why I love the build up to a new season, seeing what shirts are released is great and seeing everyone else's reactions are fantastic but as my interest has grown in the shirt community I have noticed my reactions are changing. I have started looking at the little details on shirt these days and the templates used by each manufacturer, some are far to similar for each club whilst others stand out from the crowd. I think going into the 2021/22 season I am loving so many more shirts that have been released and there are some that have definitely captured my eye more than others but honestly this season I would say we have seen some clubs get some fantastic shirt options that are going to look great on the field.

It is safe to say narrowing my favourite home shirts from the premier league down was actually quite difficult as there are some great choices but I have somehow managed to narrow it down to my favourite five shirts which are...  

Manchester United

Of course Manchester United are on here, after all I did do a full post focusing just on this shirt which you can read here. I really like this shirt which actually surprised me as I didn't think I would due to the new sponsor but now I have seen it I really do think it works well. The classic and retro style of shirt being very minimal also looks great and it makes a nice for it to be plain for a change. Sometimes simplicity works the best and in the case of this shirt that is definitely the case.  

Leicester City

For a few seasons now I have liked Leicester's kits and this year is no exception. I really like what Adidas have done with this seasons shirt for Leicester as that little design on the shirt just makes it a little different from last years and actually works really well with the blue colour. I do think some Adidas shirts this year look similar but for me Leicester is a stand out one. I just wish the sponsor was a bit smaller on this one but to be honest at least the colour works well against the blue. 


I will be completely honest here and admit I have never actually heard of Kelme in the past. However, I really like what they have done with this seasons kit as the bold yellow with black stripes going across is certainly fitting of the hornets nickname they carry. I actually really like the design of this shirt and it definitely stands out from the crowd, again though I just wish that sponsor was a little bit smaller as it does take over a lot of the front of the shirt which is the only thing that I aren't too keen on for the whole shirt. 

West Ham

To be honest for me West Ham shirts are usually hit or miss and I can definitely take or leave them. This year though I absolutely love it, I aren't sure if it is because I am a sucker for a collar or if it is because it is a simple and classic looking design. I love how their is one main colour for the base of the shirt and then the only other colours are on the tops of the sleeves. This is definitely a very smart take on a football shirt and just goes to show Umbro still make great kits.  


Finally on my list of favourite shirts we have Chelsea which my dad will definitely be proud of being included as he is a Chelsea fan. I don't really know what it is about this shirt but I absolutely love it. The crazy design looks fantastic and is definitely going to stand out on the pitch. I love how the shirt is mainly shades of blue with the yellow Nike logo and side panels as it doesn't take away from the design but adds a little more colour to it. I even quite like how the design goes from zigzags to checks as it just makes it so different. I think it could make your eyes go funny after a while though.

So there you have it those are the five home shirts that have made it as my favourites for the Premier League this season, it is safe to say we are being treated to some great shirts and over the coming weeks I will be posting my favourite away and third shirts for the Premier League along with some from other leagues around the world too. In fact you can definitely expect a lot more Shirt content over the coming months. 

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