Olympic Women's Football Final Predictions


Well here we go the final of the women's football at the Olympics and I think we are going to be in for a treat as Canada face off against Sweden. Both these teams are looking very strong in this competition and are pushing their opponents to their limits so anything could happen during this game. I can honestly say I didn't expect either of these teams to get this far and they have caused some upsets to get this stage.


Canada has beat the USA to get this far and if it had been a few years earlier I don't think this would have happened but they have really grown this year and are showing they shouldn't be under estimated anymore. There inclusion in the final has certainly surprised me though as I thought they would have struggled to get out of the groups but they have shown their true strength and made it this far so no matter what the result in the final they should be proud of how well they have done especially with that win over the USA. I really think they could put up a strong challenge against Sweden and push them as far as possible but I just aren't sure if they can take home the gold but I really hope they do surprise me. 


Sweden started off the tournament really strongly against the USA by defeating them 3-0 and since then they have looked very strong and it is nice to see them in the final of the competition. Sweden have been a team that have been on the rise for the past couple of years so to see them going for gold is fantastic as it just shows that all their hard work is paying off. Sweden have gone from underdogs in my eyes to being one of the best teams in the world causing some big upsets. I don't think this is the last final we will be seeing Sweden in over the coming years. 

This game has the potential to be a very good one and we are going to have the chance to see two teams in great form go to head to head. This is anyone's game to take and the battle for gold is going to be a tough one for both teams. Both Canada and Sweden are showing us they are teams to watch over the coming years as they are really starting to prove to the world their potential. I am really looking forward to seeing how this game plays out and who takes home gold and who takes home the silver. What ever happens though both these teams should be proud of how far they have come. 

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