Men's Olympic Football Semi Final Round Up


It was another exciting day of football yesterday at the Olympics but this time it was the men's time to shine and again we had two great match ups on offer which were always bound to be close games. We have seen in the men's game some teams in the semi finals that we might not have previously expected and it is honestly great seeing new talent on offer instead of seeing all the usual big names competing. The four teams who made it to the semi finals have showed some great progress over the years and this tournament has really allowed them to shine. So here is how the semi finals went... 

Mexico vs Brazil
I thought this was going to be a close game and I wasn't disappointed as in the end it was penalties that were needed to settle the tie. Brazil came out of the game the eventual winners after winning 4-1 on penalties. Mexico go on to compete in the bronze medal match but that is nothing to be ashamed of for them as they have shown some great potential plus they still have a shot at picking up a medal in the bronze medal match. Brazil are looking like a nice strong side so it is going to be interesting to see them in the final but it is the fact Mexico took them to extra time going to prove an issue? This was a very closely contested match and it is going to be interesting watching both teams in the future I believe. 

Japan vs Spain
This was another very close game but Spain got that one goal that was needed to progress to the final for a shot at a gold or silver medal. Spain came out as 1-0 winners against Japan but the host nation should be very proud of themselves. Japan have always been a relatively big name in the women's game but it has been a bit of a different story for the men's game now though it is like they have switched roles as the men are doing fantastic whilst the rest of the world are catching up to the women. The popularity of the league over in Japan has definitely helped in this rise I believe and the team are bringing some brilliant talent through. I think they have really shown us all just what they are capable of during this tournament and I am really looking forward to seeing them play in the future as I think they can really push some of the bigger teams. Spain are also looking very good this tournament and like they can really take home the gold but honestly how is Pedri still playing so many minutes? This was his 72nd game in the season and he is still going strong which just goes to show how much potential he has. I thought this game would end up going to extra time and penalties but Spain showed their true strength and how they are going to go out to win every game in normal time. It is a shame that the hosts Japan won't be in the final but at least they still have a shot at a medal. 

I think we are definitely going to see two more closely contested matches for both the final and the bronze medal match as both match ups are good ones with teams with a whole lot of potential. I think these four teams who have made it this far should be really proud of themselves as they have put up a fantastic fight throughout all of the competition and seen off some great teams in the process of getting this far. I just can't quite believe we are almost at the end of the competition already. 

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