Olympic Women's Football Semi Final Round Up

The semi final for the women's football is over and done with and one result came as a bit of a shock to me where as I more or less expected the other. We saw red cards and injuries which are definitely going to effect the next games and the results of the semi final are really going to lead us up to some hopefully brilliant games in the run up to the end of the competition. So here is how the semi finals finished...

USA vs Canada

This was always going to be an interesting game with the neighbors battling it out for a place in the final and I honestly did think the luck of the USA would take them through but Canada came out with a 1-0 victory. An early injury to goalkeeper Naeher will have surely rocked the team a bit and it was inevitably a penalty that put Canada through to the next round and left the USA in the bronze medal match. Canada are really showing everyone what they are capable of lately and it is nice to see them doing so well. It is also nice to see Sinclair getting a shot at a gold medal as she is an exceptional player who might be playing in her final Olympics so to see her guaranteed to take home a medal is fantastic but it would be great to see her scoring in the final. I do feel for some of the veteran USA players though as I really do believe the team have been overworked lately and don't look to be playing like they have in the run up to the tournament which is a shame as I really thought they could have gone home with the gold this time around. 

Sweden vs Australia

I was really looking forward to this game and really thought that it was going to be close and in theend Sweden ended up winning 1-0. It is nice to see these two teams at this stage in the competition as they are showing a lot of progress over the past few years and this tournament has really proved that to us all. Sweden are having a fantastic competition and have got some great results under their belt and I can see them really challenging Canada however, Australia really held their own against Sweden holding them to a 1-0 win. Australia are becoming a huge threat and they are still a young team so they are one to watch in the future as I can see them being at the later stages of competitions quite a few times over the coming years. I am just a bit disappointed that we wont see Ellie Carpenter again in the Olympics due to her picking up a red card in this game when it really wasn't needed. 

I think it is safe to say we are going to be in for a treat with both the final and the bronze medal match as both match ups are bound to be interesting ones. But check back later in the week to see how we think those games are going to finish and who is going home with each medal or without one at all. 

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