My 2021/22 Premier League Predictions


This weekend the Premier League final kicks off and it is bound to be another interesting season where I think we could see some shock results especially in the early part of the season. We have big names out injured from the Euro's and new players coming into squads that could change the whole way the team performs. It is safe to say that the build up to this season has been quite a good one with players showing their worth and big money transfers taking place, who thought we would have seen Grealish leave Villa this transfer window? And who would have thought Manchester United would sign Varane. I think these transfers could really shape up how the season goes. We have also seen the likes of Liverpool suffering with injuries once again so it that going to cause them a bad run of form in the lead up to Christmas, I guess only time will tell.

Maybe due to the new signings of teams especially the big teams we are going to have a close race for the top spot this team rather than one team running away with the league which we have been seeing far too often lately. It is about time we had a close season with multiple contenders rather than just one team being more than 10 points ahead. I think it could also be quite close down at the bottom end of the table too as some of those lower teams have lost key plays although some of the newly promoted teams have strengthened their team really well to put up a fight in the top flight. As for the middle of the table I think we will just see the usual suspects battling it out for the best position they can possibly get but one team I will be keeping my eye on is Villa, are they going to be fine without Grealish or will they struggle? 

So here is how I think the table will look at the end of the season...

Manchester City 
Manchester United 
Leicester City
West Ham 
Brighton & Hove Albion
Aston Villa
Leeds United 
Newcastle United
Crystal Palace

Looking at the Man City team you just think they will win the league but I think with Chelsea and Man Utd's transfers we could be looking at a close contest if they team gels together and they play as you would expect them to. I am really looking forward seeing how this season plays out and I am hoping with it being the first season with fans back it is going to be entertaining for us all. I know I am going to be watching as much Premier League as possible this season and will be keeping a close eye on the league and who is doing well. I do think the fight for the Champions League spots are going to be great and is going to be something for us all to keep an eye on.

Let's hope we see the newly signed players making an impact for their teams and give us a competitive season. 

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