Olympic Football Men's Semi Final Predictions


We are finally approaching the Men's Olympic semi final and to be honest I not really surprised by the teams we have remaining in the competition as they really have been at their best throughout the competition. I haven't actually had chance to watch as much of the men's game as I would have liked due to the timing and the accessibility of the games but from the highlights I have seen it looks like it has been an interesting competition. So here is how the semi finals are looking and what we think will happen... 

Mexico vs Brazil

This is going to be an interesting match up as Mexico and Brazil are two very good teams. Mexico came top of their group whilst Brazil came 1st so I think we could be in for a closely contested game. Mexico got to the semi finals by beating South Korea 6-3 so we know they are capable of scoring goal where as Brazil beat Egypt 1-0. I don't think this is going to be a high scoring game as I actually think that it could go to extra time and possibly even penalties as both sides have the potential to both attack and defend well. I am really hoping Mexico progress to the final but I really do believe that if it does go to extra time and penalties it could be Brazil walking away victorious and into the final. 

Japan vs Spain

This is certainly bound to be a great game as these are two fantastic teams. Both these teams topped their group and are showing a whole lot of potential as the tournament progress. I knew that Japan were improving in the men's game but I honestly didn't think they would be pushing for a spot in the final and if I am honest I didn't really expect Spain to get this far either but they have both surprised me. Japan got through to the semis by beating New Zealand on penalties which really is a testament to New Zealand as they pushed Japan as far as they possibly could where as Spain got through thanks to beating Cote d'Ivoire 5-2 which just makes me wonder if Spain could end up progressing to the final due to having a fresher set of legs as they weren't taken to extra time and the penalty stage. I would love to see the host progress but I really do think Spain could edge it. 

I can't wait to see who progresses to the final and who battles it out for the bronze medal as I think any game possibilities are interesting match ups. I just can't believe the football in the competition is almost over. Who do you think is going to progress to the final? 

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