Bradford City 2021/22 Away Shirt

It is safe to say to it is going to be strange for us Bradford fans as our usual home colours of claret and amber are going to be our away colours for the season. It is a change I am definitely happy to have though as our home shirt looks great and the retro style of the home shirt is worth the change. I didn't think we would be able to top our home shirt but Avec and City have managed to pull off yet another fantastic design. So just like with the home shirt let's have a closer look at the away shirt...


This claret and amber shirt could have easily been our home shirt this time around but it is a nice change to see it as an away shirt, switching things up from time to time has never hurt anyone right? I love how the shirt is basically in two block colours giving it that half and half effect with the thinner claret stripe also merging on to the yellow side. We also have the subtle vertical stripes going down throughout of the shirt without standing out too much so it just has that little bit of extra detail. Nothing looks out of place on the shirt either as it just flows so well with the sponsor, Avec logo and club crest sitting nicely on the shirt. I will be honest I wasn't to sure about the random claret stripe in the yellow side but after seeing it a whole lot more I do quite like it. I also really like how both sleeves are kept claret instead of having one claret and one amber, I think this just works better and I love the claret being the more prominent colour. 

On the back the design from the front is carried over instead of it being one solid colourand I think it looks great although it is going to be interesting to see how it looks with the players names and numbers printed on it, fingers crossed you can see it clearly. We have the big chunk of claret at the top where the only back details are situated and they stand out well. We have the Mitton Group sponsorship taking up most of this space but it doesn't look out of place at all. We then have the black ribbon as always to remember those who died in the fire and I love how this is situated right at the top of the shirt as you really do notice it and it just feels like a fitting tribute. 

I absolutely love the side on view where you can see that the back colours are the opposite way around to the front, it just gives a bit of a half and half effect from side on and it flows really well due to the sleeves and top of the back being claret. I just think it looks really well put together and like quite a bit of thought was put into this design overall. The shirt also features the Avec logo taping on each sleeve just like with the home shirt and I am really growing to love this addition from Avec as over the past few seasons they have looked great on the sleeves. 

I have a funny feeling that I will own this sooner rather than later and a trip to the club shop is definitely needed but maybe I will wait until we see the third shirt so I can get everything in one go instead of making too many trips. If like me you want to pick up the away shirt it is going to cost you... 

Shirt - £37.50 - £49.95
Shorts - £18.00 to £22.00
Socks - £8.50 to £11.00
Infant kit - £27.95 

It is safe to say the goalkeeper away shirt is quite a bit different to the home one as it is really bold and is going to standout on the pitch which is opposite to the black home one. The bold pink colour (it may look totally different in person) definitely catches your eye and all the extras such as badges and logos look perfectly in place with the white as they also catch your eye. I wasn't too sure about the colour at first as I though our goalkeepers were just going to look like walking talking highlighters but it is definitely growing on me. Other than the pink and white on the front of the shirt you just have a little bit of black which is subtly around the neck of the shirt and just flows well with the other details around the rest of the shirts. I just really like how nice and simple the shirt looks.  

Just like with the home goalkeeper shirt this away one also features that subtle chevron style design that creates a little bit of a pattern on the shirt instead of it being totally plain and honestly I think without this little bit of a design it would look a little too plain and boring for me. I also like how they carried that same design over to the away shirt and just changed the colour instead of creating a totally new shirt design. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go and it has definitely worked well for both the goalkeeper kits this season. You also have the same Mitton Group sponsor on the back of this shirt in white and the black ribbon for the tribute to those who lost their lives, so it is still nice and simple on the back with the players name and number looking like it is going to take up the main focus as it should do. 

I am definitely a fan of the Avec taping on each sleeve and the black of the taping fits in really well with the black mesh panel. The pink of the shirt really does create the main focus and the white for the main details work well as they stand out but the black for me just adds a bit of a nicer touch as the 3 colours work really well together and the black isn't too over powering and just breaks the front and back of the shirt up a bit which I really like. I think I actually prefer the side on view of this shirt over other ones.

I honestly can't see me getting this shirt however, the more I see it the more it grows on me so who knows it might end up being added to my collection by the end of the season but for now I am definitely still on the fence about owning it, if you do want to pick it up for yourself though it will cost you... 

Shirt - £37.50 - £49.95
Shorts - £18.00 to £22.00
Socks - £8.50 to £11.00

As I say it is definitely going to be strange seeing us wearing claret and amber for our away games but it might be a welcome change. It is also safe to say we aren't going to miss our goalkeepers this season in their away shirts. Fingers crossed I can get my hands on the away shirt very soon as I love it. That is the home and away shirts released and they haven't disappointed so I am now really looking forward to seeing the third shirt. 

Are you a fan of the Bradford City away shirt?

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