Who Is Impressing So Far In The NWSL... My current Favourite Players

The NWSL is back in full swing and we have so far seen some very interesting games with some shock outcomes, after the past few seasons who would have thought Orlando Pride would be so high up the table? With the disruption we have seen plenty of movement throughout the league with big names leaving then returning and making almost an immediate impact on the teams they returned to or moved to. We have seen plenty of new talent and other players seem to have found their feet again and are putting in some fantastic performances. I haven't got to watch half as many games as I would have liked thanks to our internet really not liking Twitch but here are the players that have made it to my current favourite NWSL players list...

Rachel Daly 

I don't actually remember the last time Daly didn't make it onto one of my favourites lists as no matter where she has played lately she has given it her all. Daly is one of my favourites as she is not just a goal scorer, she is a play maker too. No matter what position she plays in she always seems to be involved in the build up play to get the team forward and we all know she isn't afraid to make a challenge to stop the opposition attacks. If I was Daly I think I would be fed up of not knowing what position I was going to be in whether it is for club or country but she just seems to get on with it and puts in some fantastic performances no matter where she is. I am a bit gutted I didn't get to see her play in the FAWSL last season as she is one of those players I have only caught glimpses of live so far. 

Sydney Leroux

It is safe to say Leroux has found her form again and it isn't bad to say it isn't actually that long ago she returned from having her second child. Pride desperately needed to find a strike force that worked for them as the past few seasons have been terrible and they have been putting in some poor performances however, they seem to have hit the ground running with the Leroux & Morgan partnership. They work well together and we have seen that with the results Pride are getting. Even without Morgan by her side Leroux is putting in some brilliant performances and her name is popping up on the score sheet plenty of times which is fantastic to see as she is in my eyes one of the most underrated players in the league and she potential deserves a spot back on the national team especially if she carries on playing the way she has been so far this season.  

Ashlyn Harris

To me Harris is one of the best goalkeepers in the league and we have seen her put in fantastic performances time after time. I honestly don't know how she isn't one of the first names down on the USWNT team sheet as she is just that good. Yes like all other goalkeepers she does have her moments of making dodgy decisions however, there are more great moments than bad ones in my eyes. You just have to look at some of the saves she pulls off game after game and how many save of the week nominations she gets to see how well she performances. Harris is also absolutely brilliant at saving penalties too which is always an added benefit for her side as you can have confidence in her if they are ever given. For me just like with Leroux Harris is massively underrated and deserves a whole lot more credit for what she provides her team. 

Ali Riley 

Riley is one of those players who has been around for a long time but has got no where near the amount of credit she deserves as she is an absolutely fantastic player. Ali is a play maker who is definitely not afraid to get stuck in and put 100% into each game. Riley is a real asset to any team she is on and I really do believe she is one of the biggest reasons we have seen a turn around in the Pride's results this year. There just seems to be something about her and her performances that lift those around her and get the best out of them. I think as the season progresses we are going to see more and more influential performances from Riley that will keep Pride up there in the top half of the table. 

Becky Sauerbrunn 

 Sauerbrunn for me is still one of the best defenders in the league and at 36 years old she doesn't even show signs of slowing down which is amazing because if it was the men's game she would have retired by now yet she is still putting in absolutely fantastic performances. I will actually be quite upset when she does eventually retire though as the game will definitely be losing one of its best defending talents but she has certainly taught those who she has played with and against a lot to inspire a new generation. Sauerbrunn really impresses me as 90% of the tackles she makes are perfectly timed and she really isn't afraid to get stuck in even if sometimes it means pulling off a risky challenge some people would back out but Becky just heads straight in there and keeps her head to get the best result possible. Her knowledge of the game and outcomes on the field is amazing and a lot of other defenders could really learn a lot from her. 

As I said I haven't got to watch half as many games as I would have liked to due to our internet speed and Twitch not running 90% of the time due to this. However, from the games I have seen and the highlights I have seen on social media, these players are the ones that have stood out to me the most. By the end of the season this list will probably have changed a few times but check back at the end of the season as I will be sure to do a post all about my overall favourites. Who are some of your favourites in the NWSL at the moment?

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