EURO 2020 Final Predictions

Well it has been the quickest month in what feels like forever thanks to the Euros taking place, why is it that when you have waited for ages and are enjoying something it just ends up flying by and being over before you know it. This years final is certainly going to be extra special though as England are finally making an appearance. After far too many years of hurt they have finally broken what felt like a curse and they will be taking on Italy in the final. 

It is definitely going to be an interesting night with England seemingly going into the game as underdogs due to Italy's amazing run of form under the watchful eye of Mancini who has got the Italians playing as they used to and to be honest if not better than previously. England might be underdogs but they are also finally showing us what they are capable and us fans are being filled with hope rather than dread every time big games get underway.  They have put in some fantastic performances throughout the competition so far and have only conceded one goal so far so let's hope we can keep it like that. 

I think it is safe to say that to get the best result possible Southgate is going to have to put out his fittest and strongest side, tired legs are going to be worn out quickly against the Italians and we don't want to be caught out tracking back etc. Italy have picked up a few injuries throughout the competition but England seem to have managed to stay relatively injury free minus the few knocks they have picked up and they still seem to have the full squad at their dispersal so Southgate can switch up any positions that may need it and really give us that edge. England seem to be a much younger side than the Italians especially when it comes to defence so pace is definitely going to be something we need to use to put them under some real pressure as if we tire them out we are more likely to be able to breakthrough. We have seen in earlier games how our pace has worked to our advantage so we definitely need to be using it rather than sitting back which I have a feeling we could end up doing. 

Something I have noticed throughout the tournament is that the Italians go down pretty easily and try their best to get set pieces even if the challenge or lack of doesn't warrant it. The England defence definitely needs to watch out for this and need to try not to be drawn in as quite a few players could easily end up with a booking or two as we know they have tempers and can be easily drawn in and be on the receiving end of unfair decisions. I think the Italians could easily end up targeting the likes of Maguire and Rice as they know that their tempers could get the better of them. 

Just like Spain did the other day England need to make sure they have Immobile & Insigne blocked off and under control as they could easily be two of the Italians biggest threats. If England can keep these two at bay I think we could see Italy struggle to create chances as in my eyes they are two of their biggest play makers. 

The final for me is easily a game that could go either way with either team taking home the win as it is all going to be who can keep their nerves at bay and get off to the strongest start as I think that is going to be crucial in who settles into the game best and take every chance given, wasted chances could be really crucial in this game so lets hope England keep the wasted chances to a minimum and make the most of their time in front of goal. 

England might have the home field advantage with the game being played in Wembley but with the form both teams have been in I think this is going to be either sides biggest test of the whole competition with us fans in for a real treat it could very easily go either way and I think everyone is going to be on the edge of their seats come 8pm. 

Can England finally bring some joy to the country after the disruption of the pandemic and all the previous years of footballing hurt we have had to endure? Either way it is safe to say the nation is proud of this team and we have had a glimpse of their potential going into the world cup next year where due to the age of the players we are likely to be heading in with a very similar team to face not just Europe but the world.

It is safe to say the nerves are definitely building already but I can not wait for that whistle to blow and the game to begin. After so many years of disappointment fingers crossed things can turn around and football finally comes home. 

This definitely feels like a once in a life time opportunity for an England fan so I am definitely making the most of it. Just please England bring it home and don't put me through the pain of penalties as I really don't feel like I could cope. 

Is it coming home or going to Rome?

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