The Women's Olympic Football Group Stage Predicitions


It feels like we have been waiting forever but at long last the Tokyo Olympics are taking place. As I said in my men's group prediction post I am mainly watching the football throughout the Olympics and I really can't wait as I think that for both the men's and women's football we are going to be in for a treat. There are no restrictions on who can represent the countries in the women's game whereas the men need to be under 24 so we are in for a treat with the worlds best women representing their countries and we know from previous tournaments just how much talent there is to watch. So here is how I think the groups are going to look at the end of the group stage... 

Group E
E1 - Japan 
E2- Canada
E3 - Great Britain 
E4 - Chile

I think group E is definitely going to be a tough one as all 4 teams have a whole lot of potential and we have seen recently just how good they can all be. I think it could be Great Britain who just about top this group as they have the talent on their side and as long as the players from the different nations play together they have the makings of being a very very good team who can prove a threat to other teams. Plus if Kirby can carry over her form from Chelsea last season we are in for a treat. I think hosts Japan might just beat Canada to the 2nd place spot as they are a strong side and the fact they are the home nation they will be out their looking to prove themselves, the only problem is lately they don't seem to have been as good as they have in previous years. I think Canada might take up the third spot but only narrowly miss out on the second one, I have found that Canada have been a bit of a hit and miss team recently so I think the players will be trying to prove themselves but I think Team GB and Japan might just beat them to it. I think the group might just prove too strong for Chile but honestly from what we have seen from them recently I don't think they will go down without a fight and they will make the other teams work for their points. 

Group F

F1 - China

F2 - Brazil

F3 - Zambia

F4 - Netherlands

I honestly think this group is mainly down to two teams, Brazil and the Netherlands however, I think that thanks to the Netherlands recent form and the fact their manager is leaving they are going to come out on top of this group. I think they are going to put in some absolutely solid performances and show us the sam quality we saw from them in the 2019 Women's World Cup. I think Brazil will also put in some brilliant performances but struggle to top the Netherlands as we are seeing Brazil get better and better each competition. China are a team who can really challenge you if they want to so I think they will challenge everyone in their group but just fall short behind the Netherlands and Brazil. Unfortunately I think poor Zambia are going to struggle in this group but I think they are going to try show everyone what they are made of. 

Group G

G1 - Sweden 

G2 - USA 

G3 - Australia 

G4 - New Zealand

Now I really think group G is going to be the toughest one with all 4 sides being strong sides and a point to be proven. Back in 2016 we saw the USA surprisingly knocked out of the Olympics by Sweden so I think that we are going to see a really strong battle between them two in their game. I do believe that we are going to see the USA take the top spot of the group though as there just doesn't seem to be any stopping them and they just look stronger and stronger each game. Vlatko has carried on their winning ways and I think we are going to see a lot of wins for them this summer. I think the battle for second place will be a tough one but honestly I believe that Australia could end up taking it if they play the right team together and use each players strength to their advantage, we are seeing a lot of improvement from the Australian team lately and now is the chance for them to show everyone what they are made of. I think Sweden may just miss out on the second spot but I am sure they will be putting in some fantastic performances as we have seen just what they are capable in previous tournaments such as the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Unfortunately I think we are going to see New Zealand at the bottom of the group due to the sheer strength of the other teams in the group but they won't go down without a fight and I can see them really keeping some teams at bay for a very long time. 

So here is how I think the groups are going to look at the end of the group stages...

Group E 

Great Britain 




Group F





Group G




New Zealand 

It is safe to say I am really looking forward to watching as many games from the competition as possible but thanks to some very early kick offs I might be having to take my laptop to work with me to catch the majority of the action. Just as long as I get to see plenty of Team GB and USWNT games I am definitely going to be happy. Remember there is going to be plenty of Olympic football content on the blog throughout the competition so remember to keep checking back and checking our social media. 

Who do you think is going to top each group?

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