It Is Another New Era For Bradford City


For a long time Bradford City seemed to be one of the few teams who would stick with a manager through thick and thin and we were settled but in recent years things have certainly changed and we seem to be going through managers far too quickly, it is almost like we really can't wait to get rid of them and make more changes instead of working on weaknesses and changing things around. It seemed like the owners didn't have a clue and no-one at the club actually wanted to progress which just frustrated us fans. The changing of managers always came after the closure of transfer windows too which didn't help as the new manager was coming into a team picked by the previous one that never seemed to fit their playing style and we saw those negatives on the pitch far too often alongside players been shut out of the match day squad. 

When McCall left and Trueman & Sellars took over results started to change for the better and we went from a team battling to survive relegation to being on the edge of the play offs within just a few months, granted our form dipped and we ended up missing out on the play offs but what we saw from the team was passion and a desire to be on the pitch, something we haven't seen for a while at Bradford now. Trueman and Sellars seemed to have something good going on and they had players wanting to play for them which is just the lift we needed which is why I was so shocked they stepped down from their roles at the end of the season. I know it was always only going to be temporary however, I thought we would have tried to continue what we had instead of hanging yet again but it wasn't meant to be and a new manager was announced. 

We seemed to be waiting a long time for the new manager announcement even though us fans knew who it was going to be way before due to numerous rumours and leaks. The reason we had to wait was a pretty good one though as new manager Derek Adams was busy leading Morecambe to promotion to League 1, something we hope he can replicate this season with Bradford City. Honestly I was very surprised that the signing of Adams went through as I was sure after the promotion he was going to stick with Morecambe but it went through and he is now in charge of us and fingers crossed he can enjoy the same success and stick with us for plenty of seasons to get us to where we belong once again instead of us being stuck in League 2. 

Adams has the potential to do big things at Bradford and he clearly has the backing of the club which is definitely needed after previous seasons so it is going to be interesting to see the results on the pitch. The best part of him signing preseason is that the transfer window is open so he can build a team he wants and by the signings we have seen already we can see he is aiming in the right direction and the club are clearly liking his vision for the future, we aren't just seeing loan after loan and we are bringing in people in positions that have been lacking quality it is definitely going to be great to see the team linking up on the pitch as there is a lot of potential there for a huge promotion push. Trueman has also been appointed as Adam's assistant which I think is a good move as he has an understanding of the players left from last season and he seems to have good knowledge of the game in League 2, he also seems to be able to manage the younger players really well so I am sure he is going to be influential in helping the youngsters of the squad develop into first team players.

I am really hoping that Adams is our only manager this season as I think the clubs only way out of League 2 is going to be consistency not only on the pitch but with players and management too. We need someone who is going to stick with us through the ups and downs and show some passion and drive to get us the results the club deserves. Granted the success wont happen overnight fans need to have patience to see form improve and if we don't get out of the league this year once people are settled and gelled we stand more of a chance, yes it would be great to be writing about being promoted at the end of the season but it will also be great just to write about an improvement from the team and looking like we are a solid team who have a push in them for the season ahead. 

The club finally seems like it is heading back in the right direction after a rough few years not only with the pandemic but with issues with owners and players etc. As a fan it is fantastic to see everything looking hopefully for a change and fingers crossed it is going to be a season of cheering rather than not wanting to waste time going to see poor performances week in week out like previously, it got to the stage where I wanted to stay home instead of going to games so I am hoping that this season I am waking up on game days raring too go and honestly from what we have seen since the end of the season I think this is the case and things are going to get better. Both on and off the pitch things seem to be heading in the best direction possible, we are seeing new signings, positive attitudes, great season ticket sales and stadium improvements at long last and Ryan Sparks has definitely had a big part in getting all this done for club as since his appointment we have seen so many positive steps and like we are getting our club back to how it should be for the first time since we were taken over. 

We are definitely on track for getting our Bradford City back now just get me back to Valley Parade for the new season. What do you think to Adams appointment? Are you hopeful or still on the fence?

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