The Groups For The Men's Olympic Football

The Olympics are very quickly approaching and although there is no Team GB in the men's football competition I will definitely still be watching the tournament as there is bound to be a whole host of young talent on show and who knows who is going to end up really making a name for themselves. What I love about the Olympics is that it gives young talent the chance to take center stage due to the age restrictions and it is nice to see that for this years tournament has increased the age from under 23 to under 24 so that those who have turned 23 during the competitions delay aren't missing out and still get the chance to represent their countries like they should have done before the Covid-19 pandemic halted everything. 

There are plenty of teams in the competition that are bound to have talent on offer and I think we could see some players from other countries really step up and show us what they are made of. Each group should be an exciting one and some groups I don't think I could pick a winner right now but I have a bit of time to decide them as I will be doing my group prediction post a bit closer to the tournament start date just like I am with the women's groups. But for now here is how the groups are looking...

Group A



South Africa


Hosts Japan have some great competition in their group with Mexico, South Africa and France making up the rest of the the group. I am really looking forward to this group as I think we could end up seeing some very good emerging players especially from France & Japan. 

Group B

Korea Republic


New Zealand 


Group B is certainly going to be an interesting group that really could end up going to anyone. I think there might be a few surprises to come from this group and I am ready to watch it to see how it all plays out. 

Group C





I think group C is going to be an interesting one as Argentina and Spain always seem to have plenty of upcoming talent for us to watch but Australia seem to have some pretty good players these days and I do think they could be a team to watch alongside Egypt in this group as I think they are going to put up a fight. 

Group D



Cote d'Ivoire 

Saudi Arabia

I think group D could definitely be an interesting one with some top quality young players on show. Brazil for me are always a team to watch as they produce some absolutely fantastic players and Germany are always a team to watch for me as they can definitely be hit and miss so it is always interesting to see them play to see what version you are getting. I think Cote d'Ivoire can be a surprise in this group and I think it is going to nice to see Saudi Arabia play too.

It is definitely going to be nice to see different teams in a tournament for a change and younger names instead of all the top stars. I really think it could be anyone's tournament though and a chance for us fans to see some different players and teams for a change. Let's just hope I get the chance to watch plenty of games. Remember throughout the Olympics there will be plenty of blog posts covering both the men's and women's competition so keep checking back or keep and eye on our social media to see new content. 

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