Bradford City 2021/22 Home Shirt

The day finally arrived on Monday and we finally got our first look at the new Bradford City shirt and it didn't disappoint, well especially not for me as we have gone for something different. We have gone retro taking inspiration from the shirt 40 years ago and it has been done so well. For me Avec Sport are a fantastic kit supplier and looking back I don't think I have ever actually been disappointed by any of the shirts they have done for us. So here is a look at the shirt a bit closer...

The shirt has definitely taken on a more retro feel to take us back 40 years and Avec have captured the feel of the shirt really well. We have opted to move away from our familiar all over claret and amber shirt this season which I think makes a nice change as it just mixes things up a bit, it does make you wonder what our away and third shirts are going to look like colour wise, I know that I can't wait to find out though. 

The white on the shirt gives it a nice clean and classic look whilst the claret and amber across the shoulders gives it that true Bradford City feel whilst not ruined that clean look. I think this shirt could have gone numerous ways but the stripes across the shoulders is definitely the best way to go especially with the claret being the more prominent colour of the two. I love the Avec logo being in the claret colour too as it just flows with the rest of the shirt. To be honest sponsors that take up a lot of space on shirts aren't the one for me however, I have never had an issue with the JCT600 sponsorship as it just seems to work really well on all our shirts and Avec incorporate it into their designs perfectly. The fact it is claret fits in with the club and the rest of the shirt. 

The back of the shirt is kept nice and simple too and fingers crossed the names and numbers are going to stand out perfectly instead of us struggling to see them like we did at some points last season. I love how the shoulder detail rolls over onto the back with the block of claret and small amber stripe underneath that. Again the Mitton Group sponsor is worked into the design really well as it stands out but doesn't stand out too much. The only other thing on the back of the shirt is the black ribbon to remember those we sadly lost in the fire which it is nice to see we are keeping on our shirts. 

On the side of the shirt we have a lovely claret mesh panel which is subtle but just adds a bit more colour to the shirt. From the front you can barely see it but it is definitely a nice addition. We have then added something a bit more up to date to the retro shirt... the Avec logo taping on the sleeve. I absolutely loved this on last seasons shirt and honestly I don't think it ruins the look at all as I think it merges the past with the future. 

I usually wait until my birthday for the latest shirt but honestly I don't think I can wait until September for it. If like me you want to purchase this shirt or any other bits it will cost you... 

Shirt - £37.50 - £49.95
Shorts - £18.00 to £22.00
Socks - £8.50 to £11.00
Infant kit - £27.95 

£49.95 seems expensive for a Bradford City shirt especially if you are buying a few but with it being Avec you are really getting what you pay for as I have never had any issues with them in the past. 

We also got a first look at our goalkeeper kit and now to be honest I am never really interested in goalkeeper kits but this one has caught my eye and even Liam is tempted by it. Granted when I first saw it I thought Hornby looked more like a referee than a goalkeeper but after seeing other pictures of it my mind has really been changed. 

The shirt is a nice blend of black and white with the white details really standing out. It has a slightly hidden chevron design on the actual fabric which just adds something a little different too it which I really like as you have to go look for it really as it is nice and subtle but stops the shirt just being plain black. The white Avec logo and JCT600 logo look great too and really stand out alongside the clubs badge. The white around the neck also looks nice too, at first I thought it looked a bit random but after seeing it a few times it is a nice bit of added detail. 

The chevron design is carried over onto the back of the shirt so it is safe to say it all flows nicely as the design is so continuous. We have the white Mitton Group sponsor on the back which fits nicely at the top of the shirt and instead of the black ribbon like on the outfield players home shirt we have a white ribbon to remember those lost in the fire which I think looks perfect as it definitely stands out and is noticeable, in fact it is more noticeable than it is on the outfield players home shirt. 

Just like with the outfield players shirt we have the mesh panel on the side which is in the white detailing. You can see this a little more from the front but it works well as it just looks like it is meant to be there and wasn't just an after thought. As you can see from the image above it flows really nicely with the Avec taping on the sleeves too which uses the same white theme and looks perfect. 

This might actually be the first goal keeper shirt I actually purchase for myself as it is safe to say I am finding it to be a nice shirt and I am looking forward to seeing the other goal keeper shirt options for the season. Again if like me you fancy picking up this shirt for yourself it will cost you... 

Shirt - £37.50 - £49.95
Shorts - £18.00 to £22.00
Socks - £8.50 to £11.00

Avec have once again smashed it in my eyes for this home shirt and I am looking forward to picking one up for myself and seeing the team wearing the shirt throughout the season. Now lets hope we get to see the away and third shirts soon. 

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