Euro 2020 Quarter Final Round Up

How are we already at the semi final stage of euro 2020? It doesn't seem like two minutes ago since the tournament first kicked off but we have been spoiled with some great games and unexpected results and to be honest the quarter finals were no different. Here is how they went. 

Switzerland 1-1 Spain (Spain won 3-2 on penalties) 

This game was a bit of an end to end one and honestly it could have gone either way but no one had that stand out moment to stop the game going to penalties. This was the only game out of the four that went to penalties which was a bit of a surprise for me but I am glad it was as I can't cope with penalty shoot outs. Plus it wasn't exactly a spectacular penalty shoot out either with some looking weak from the tired legs and some really not challenging either goalkeeper. I honestly thought Switzerland were going to come out of this as semi finalists but it is nice to see Spain into the semis and doing well again. 

Belgium 1-2 Italy

Honestly Belgium were one of my favourites to win the competition and they were doing so well but Italy just seem to be next level during this tournament and they seem to be a tough team to crack as they are doing so well. This is one of the games I wanted to watch the most but I actually ended up missing it due to other things going on but it does sound like it was a good game from what I have heard. I am quite gutted that Belgium were knocked out but they have had a really good run and it was always going to be tough coming up against Italy. 

Czech Republic 1-2 Denmark

The Czech Republic team really surprised me this tournament as I honestly didn't expect them to get as far as they did before unfortunately being beaten by Denmark. The Czech team really put up a fight against Denmark and I really though a late comeback was on but unfortunately it wasn't to be and Denmark came out on top thanks to two pretty good goals. Denmark are a team that are really putting up a fight this competition and I am shocked they have got as far as they have due to the unfortunate incident that occurred in their opening game however, they are playing for Eriksen and you can tell, it is nice to see them doing so well though as they are showing us nothing can hold them back. 

England 4-0 Ukraine

Definitely the biggest shock for me was seeing England put four past the Ukraine, I really expected us to just put one past them and for the Ukraine to put us under a lot of pressure but the complete opposite seemed to happen. England came out fighting from the get go where as the Ukraine just never really seemed to get going which was a shock, key players never seemed to get into the game and the defence looked like it didn't know what hit it. I think we saw a lot more potential from the England side and a lot better performance from Kane who I think is going to just get better for the remainder of England's time in the tournament due to a confidence boost. I could just have done without the storms causing technical issues so I could have watched the full 90 minutes uninterrupted although this game filled me with a lot of confidence for England going into the next game. 

Now it is on to the semi's check back tomorrow for our predictions post before the games kick off but I am feeling hopefully for the next games and I am looking forward to seeing who progresses from the semis to the actual final on Sunday. What did you think to the quarter finals? 

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