My Thoughts On The Team GB Shirt


I remember being disappointed that I never got the 2012 Olympic football shirt as I thought that the design looked absolutely fantastic and to be honest going into this Olympics I was wondering what we was going to end up with and with Adidas doing the kit I was a bit skeptical as they can really be hit or miss these days with some of their designs. To be honest though now I have seen pictures of it I am pleasantly surprised and am actually tempted to purchase one for myself. 

I am absolutely loving the overall design of this shirt with the curved hem of the shirt including the slits as it is something a little different. what I love the most though is the nice big ribbed collar in the navy blue as it just stops the top of the shirt being so plain and makes it stand out a bit too. It doesn't look like a low cut from the image either which is great as lately I have found that some shirt collars are a little too deep for me lately but this one looks perfect. 

The print doesn't actually start until 3/4 of the way down the shirt either which leaves the top free for the Adidas logo and Team GB badge to take centre stage and stand out although the Team GB doesn't look half as big as I thought it would it definitely looks nice and subtle although the Adidas badge does seem to over power it a little bit. These also seems to be a Great Britain flag on the sleeve but you can't quite make it out on the images so I am definitely going to have to take a closer look at this in person before I can say if I am a fan or not. Other than that the sleeves seem to carry on the simplicity of the the top 1/4 of the shirt as it just has the small navy blue piping around the cuffs which I like as it just stops it being all white. 

The actual print of the shirt is fantastic too and certainly stands out, I love how it starts of nice and bold at the bottom whilst fading as it reaches the end, this for me just helps it flow into the plain aspect of the top 1/4 without it cutting off harshly. This just helps combine the shirt instead of it looking disjointed due to a harsh cut off. The print basically looks like a pulled apart Union Jack with the colours of the flag and a few lines making up the print and I think Adidas have done this in a really good quirky way to make the shirt stand out and looks different whilst still capturing the nation it is representing. I definitely like the abstract aspect of the whole design and I think Adidas and Team GB have created a fantastic shirt. 

If you want to purchase a Team GB shirt to show your support for the women's football team it will cost you... 

Men - £64.95
Women - £64.95
Kids - £49.95 

To be honest I think this is going to be the going rate for shirts these days and for a special event such as the Olympics I think it is a pretty reasonable price because how many times do you see Team GB football shirts released... not many as we don't always play football in the Olympics. I will definitely be trying my best to buy one of these shirts as I love it and don't want to miss out like I did in 2012. Let's hope I get my hands on one soon so I can wear it whilst supporting the Women's football. 

Will you be buying a Team GB football shirt? 

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