Favourite Stadiums I Visited So Far

I have been lucky enough to go to plenty of football games over the years, whether they have been in the league, FA Cup, friendlies or charity games. This means that I have been to plenty of  stadiums over the years and there have been some great stadiums and some not so great stadiums. So here are the favourite stadiums I have visited so far...

Valley Parade
Of course the home of Bradford City is the first on this list as it is where I spend most of my weekends and even plenty of Tuesday nights. This is a stadium I have been visiting for years now and I just love it (I might be biased as it is the stadium for the team I support). I actually think it is wasted on us at times as it can feel so empty during some games. But to say it is a stadium for a league 2 team you really can't go wrong, it is huge and there can be a brilliant atmosphere, we just need to start to bring it back.

Wembley Stadium
Unfortunately I have only been to this stadium once but I am hoping to go back plenty of times in the future and I want to eventually do the stadium tour for this one too. Even just the look of the stadium from a distance is great and you can't beat walking up to the stadium on Wembley Way, the atmosphere is fantastic walking on here & inside the stadium too. The views inside the stadium are fantastic too, we were actually sat at the back of one of the levels but you could see everything.

Etihad Stadium
Now this stadium I haven't actually watched the football at, I have been to a few concerts & rugby matches here and they were fantastic so I would love to experience an actual football match at the stadium. Honestly the first time I went I wasn't too sure what to make of it as the outside looks great but what would the inside look like? Well it was fantastic as I say the first time I went to this stadium was actually for a rugby game and it was fantastic, walking up those spiral ramps and finally seeing the pitch. The view from where we was sitting was great too.

City Academy Stadium
The Academy Stadium is where Manchester City Women play there games and it is an absolutely brilliant stadium. It is the perfect size for the women's team and academy teams which play there and is nice and open. The views are great but the best part is the leg room, some stadiums you go to you can feel cramped together and like there is not much room for movement however, here you can move about comfortably and there is actually space for people to get past you without the need to stand up.

Old Trafford
Of course the home of Manchester United is on the list. Old Trafford is a stadium I have been to many times over the years. I have been to this stadium for both rugby and football matches and I love it. The Stadium is great on both the inside and the outside and the atmosphere inside the stadium is fantastic too, it has honestly never disappointed me. I did the tour for my 16th birthday too and that is something I am going to remember forever and in fact I want to go back and do it again.

Now I never thought that something to do with Liverpool would be in a favourite list of mine but honestly Anfield is such a great stadium. I would actually love to go back and do a stadium tour of the ground because I think it would be brilliant. We actually only went here for a charity game but the atmosphere was fantastic which make me wonder just what it would be like to go watch an actual Liverpool game there.

So there you have it those are the favourite stadiums I have visited so far, I would love to finally go to some stadiums abroad in the future as there is actually quite a few I have wanted to visit for a while now. What are some of your favourite stadiums you have visited?

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