Match Report : Bradford City Women vs Sunderland West End Ladies

Bradford City women kicked off their Women's FA Cup campaign against Sunderland West End Ladies and unfortunately for Bradford the start was also the end to the campaign as they fell to a 2-0 defeat. Right from the start the West End Ladies came out on the attack by getting themselves into some good positions and winning back a lot of possession, unfortunately for Bradford though even when they did get possession there just wasn't that final piece that fell into place for them. 

The game was very end to end for the majority of the 90 minutes with both teams making some fantastic tackles to save their team but ultimately it was the West End Ladies defence that was the strongest on the day with all players getting back and helping keep City off the score sheet. To be honest there could have been even more goals to West End Ladies if it wasn't for the City 'keeper making some fantastic saves to deny them the opportunity, in fact both goalkeepers had a great game with the West End Ladies 'keeper also pulling off some brilliant saves to deny City. 

West End Ladies first goal came from a bit of a messy play in the box with City unable to clear the ball which fell to the feet of the West End Ladies player before being fired from close range into the back of the net. Their second goal was a bit cleaner with a corner being swung into the box and finding the right player who headed the ball home. 

Possibly City's best chances came when Roberts free kick rattled off the cross bar or when Stuart found the end of a cross but the 'keeper was unfortunately in the right position to collect the ball and diffuse the danger. The majority of City's shots throughout the game ended up going directly to the 'keeper who was either quick to get on the end of the ball or was already where the ball was going. I would say that is easily one area City need to improve on, catching the 'keeper out of the position and aiming to either side of them. That final pass through sometimes let's City too as it can have too much pace on it or just end up at the oppositions feet instead of their own players, I think if they can get that final pass sorted out they are going to end up in some fantastic positions with some brilliant oppositions as the players do get into the box ready to get onto the end of those passes.

This game was another game filled with plenty of free kicks and a few questionable challenges which could have escalated if the players hadn't managed to calm themselves down. Both teams were definitely getting frustrated with the referee as well as the crowd and the players and fans didn't hide the fact they thought some decisions were uncalled for or needed. It was great to be at a game with some atmosphere and being able to hear the fans and how passionate they were and to see the celebrations when that final whistle went was great even as a Bradford fan, you could just see how much that win meant to the Sunderland West End Ladies team and their travelling fans. 

Well done to Sunderland West End Ladies for picking up the win but let's hope City can get back to winning ways soon as the team certainly has great potential they just need to work on a few areas and finally pick up some more goals.

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