In Conversation With BCWFC Treasurer Allyson Matthews

Carrying on our 'In Conversation Series' we have recently had the chance to have a chat with Allyson Matthews, treasurer of Bradford City Women. It was great to hear from someone who deals with the financial side of things at a lower league club, especially one that hasn't shied away from talking about money troubles recently so here is what Allyson had to say...

I’m currently the treasurer for Bradford City ladies, and have been in post for the past 7 or so years. As the treasurer I deal with the financial side of the club: banking, subs, administration tasks, etc.


I took up the post when my daughter Rosie (McDonnell) was playing for BCWFC. She was the one who got me into football! the age of 7 she ‘nattered’ to play. Having gone through the formalities of girly things: ballet, swimming, gymnastics etc I eventually gave in and took her to a local boys team – Bradford Tigers.As the only girl she was welcomed into the team and continued to play until the rules came in that she could not longer play mixed football. She signed with a local ladies team at the age of 11 and has continued to play ever since for several 

teams at different levels and leagues.


I currently support Portsmouth ladies FC, but also follow the Armed Forces Women, Royal Navy Women (Rosie’s current teams) and of course Bradford City Women’s FC.


My best football experience was at the England V Germany game at Wembley in November 2019 –Wembley is such an amazing stadium, the atmosphere with all the young people supporting women’s football was just fantastic I felt proud to support England. Rosie was chosen by the armed forces to represent the Royal Navy to lay a remembrance wreath before the game.


Unfortunately the last few seasons have been quite difficult at the club (BCWFC), with the loss of players, management, loss of committee members and the junior sections becoming part of football in the Community. A new manager joined us last season 2019/20 & I’m hoping he will rebuild the club and return it to Premier League football one day. Coronavirus has affected everyone not just in sport. I think it will be some time before people will be able to attend matches and support their local teams, also the question of a second wave? Will the forthcoming season begin and/or play out to the end who knows?.


I would love to encourage more people to volunteer  to help run clubs, our committee has been together for quite a few years. I think it’s easier for junior clubs I.e. parents helping out etc, but it is more difficult for senior sides, there doesn’t seem to be as much enthusiasm. Most of our committee work full time outside the club, we have to make time to attend meetings, sometimes it is difficult when you have been working all week. I don’t know much about the rules/regulations of football,  teams and players from other clubs – although I should do by now!. I know that during my time at Bradford City, I enjoy the involvement, the people I meet and work with, I would recommend being a volunteer.


You can find the club on Facebook and twitter under Bradford City Women’s FC.

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