Match Report : Bradford City Women vs Norton & Stockton


Finally after what has felt like far too long we finally got to go back to watch a league game for Bradford City Women as they took on Norton & Stockton Ancients. Unfortunately the 1st game of the season was behind closed doors, then we ended up having an enforced break but finally the team were back on the pitch and ready to make an impact. Not only was it our first game back but it was also our nephews first ever live football game and I think he enjoyed the action to. 

City started off looking very threatening, making some promising runs but unfortunately the Norton & Stockton back line managed to deny them every time by making some brilliant challenges that definitely kept them in the game. Norton & Stockton then gained pace themselves and make some fantastic breaks but this time it was City's defence keeping Norton & Stockton at bay.

It was Norton & Stockton who made the breakthrough though when they were awarded a penalty which they slotted home nicely. The penalty came from a moment of frustration, City lost the ball and just lacked judgement when trying to win the ball back. Not long after they found themselves 2-0 up through a pretty well worked goal. 

It didn't take too long for City to get back into the game though as a very well worked free kick was turned into the back of the net by Keegan Lambert. City managed to draw the game level before halftime by yet another free kick that was this time slotted home by Katy Woodcock. I think after seeing City's performance with free kicks today they could really threaten other teams if they get brought down in their own half. 

The game was very end to end for the full 90 minutes with each side trying to grab that winning goal but unfortunately neither of them could and the game ended 2-2 giving City their 1st point of the season and hopefully they are only going to gain more and more as they progress this season. 

To say Bradford haven't played in a few weeks it didn't look like it effected the team much as they looked consistent and threatening that final 3rd just needs a bit more work but that will all start to come together as the team gets more minutes together under their belt. Throughout this game there were a few stray passes from either side but then they would find some brilliant passes which just goes to show the ability is there and given more game time this little issue should easily be ironed out. 

There was also quite a few stoppages in play thanks to the referee seemingly happy to hand out free kicks out for any slight touch at some points. Maybe if there weren't so many stoppages for each side there would have been more time for the teams to piece those passes together and get into the run of play more. 

It was great to be back and you can certainly see the improvements the Chris Hames has made to the City team and I am excited to see what is to come from the side as there is definitely a lot of potential for the season ahead. 

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