My Favourite Premier League Home Shirts 20/21

If you have read this blog since the start you will know I love a good football shirt, but then again who doesn't? In more recent years the designs just seem to get a little more out there as the seasons go on so as the start of the season approaches I actually really enjoy seeing what every team comes out with. 

The Premier League definitely hasn't disappointed this season and there are some great home shirts but here are my favourites for the 2020/21 season...

Manchester City

As soon as this was released I said I liked it as the design is just different to others. I love how it looks like shattered glass or something straight from a piece of David Hockney artwork. Puma have definitely upped their game in recent years with their football shirt designs and it is definitely shown with this design this season.  


Chelsea have definitely kept it simple and actually quite classic with this shirt. I honestly think that is what I like most about it as it is just simple unlike some of the other shirts we are going to see this season. The only thing I aren't really keen on with this shirt is the big 3 on the front, is there any need for sponsors to take up so much space on the front of the shirts?  

Sheffield United 

Classic Sheffield United with the red and white stripes but not too overboard as the shoulders are a nice simple white with the classic Adidas 3 stripes. I love how Adidas have managed to get their mark on the shirt with it not looking out of place and actually make it fit quite well with the overall design. This shirt definitely suits the club's style very well. 


I honestly don't know what it is with this shirt but I really like it again though I wish the sponsor on the front was a bit smaller. The colours  are just the classic Wolves colours and the pattern on the shirt is surprisingly nice and doesn't gain to much attention as it is actually quite subtle. 

Manchester United

Of course the Untied home shirt is on this list and honestly it might be my overall favourite. The main colour is the classic red but I just love the little black and yellow lines that make the finer details of the shirt. The shirt isn't too over powering or in your face but is definitely a stand out. I think I may actually end up picking one of these up very soon. 

There you have it those are my favourite Premier League home shirt for the 20/21 season, keep checking back as there is plenty more shirt content to come. But for now which Premier League home shirt is your favourite? 

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