Bradford City Have Had Some Fantastic Players In The Past... Here Are My Favourites

Over the years that I have been supporting Bradford City we have had some great players but also had some massive flops too. My earliest memories are of watching Bradford playing in the Premiership with some fantastic names that really stood out then as I grew old and the teams changed there were plenty more names that stood out and in my opinion made an impact. So here are those players who made it onto my list of favourite past Bradford City players, I have to admit these were definitely easy picks as these are always the names that stand out to me when anyone asked who my favourites have been over the years. 

Stuart McCall

Current Bradford City manager Stuart McCall is a Bradford City legend in my eyes, he was a fantastic player in the midfield for City over the years and made a definite impact. He's also been back to manage the team and is currently trying his best to get the current side back in form like he did in his last stint at the club when they reached the League 1 play off final. There is also that fantastic moment where he is celebrating on top of the car with a can of beer and falls off which makes me laugh every time. 

Dean Windass

I don't know what it is about Windass but he has always been a player I have loved for City. Bagging himself 75 goals in his two stints at the club in my eyes he was fantastic it was great growing up having a player like him on the team I watched. Plus that goal he scored for Hull to win them promotion you just can't beat it. 

Rory McArdle

I would happily have Rory back at the club any day as he was a player I loved to watch play. A real no nonsense defender who put in some brilliant challenge and provided some great goals in his 183 appearances for the club between 2012 & 2017. I am sure he often mistook being a defender for being a wrestler with some of the challenges he made but he always made the defence that little bit safer when he was playing. 

Stephen Darby

It is actually thanks to Darby I ended up following Man City women but that is a story for another day. Darby was a great player at right back for the club and to be honest it shows just how good he was for the club when you look at how that position has declined since he left the club to head to Bolton. For me Darby was a great captain and was really influential in the clubs success during the time he was playing for the club.  

Benito Carbone 

Benito Carbone is a name I think I am always going to remember. Carbone was at the club just as I was really enjoying the game with my mum, he is probably the first big name (well big for Bradford)  I ever picked up on and although he wasn't at City for long he is always going to be one of my favourites. I do believe if he stayed at the club a little longer and I was a bit older to appreciate the game at the time he was with us he may be even further up my favourites list.

David Wetherall 

The hero that kept us in the Premier League for another year. This for me made Wetherall one of my favourite players in its own right as that goal against Liverpool kept us in the league. Unfortunately he was hit with plenty of injuries whilst at the club but he still went on to make 304 appearances for the club in just under a 10 year period which for any player is a great achievement. 

If you follow or have watched Bradford City who would make your list of favourite past players who have worn that Bradford City shirt? 

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