There Is Just Something About Going To A Game & Getting A Programme...

When I was younger I loved going to football and rugby games and purchasing a programme but I slowly changed that as I got a bit older and I started to only purchase programmes from games that were big games or ones I definitely wanted to remember due to something in them such as interviews or even posters back in the day. Sometimes it was even a case of a programme having my favourite player on the front and that is all it took for me to make the purchase. 

So here are the programmes I have managed to find in my collection...

First up we have the one of my absolute favourite programmes as it is from the first ever women's game I ever went to watch. Way back in 2007 I went to see Leeds vs Arsenal Women in the FA Cup final at Scunthorpe's ground. It is funny looking back and seeing how many names from that game have gone on to make a name for themselves and how many are still playing today. 

Then we have my current collection of Bradford City Women's programmes. These are definitely going to be my prized possessions as they have articles in that we wrote specifically for them. Never did I think I would be writing for their programme so this is a huge achievement for me and one I am certainly always going to remember. 

Now this is a programme I am questioning as I don't have a clue why I have it. This programme is from the Community Shield game back in 2004 between Arsenal & Manchester United. I know I certainly didn't go to this game so I can only imagine that my dad or grandad had a friend who went and brought me a programme back. I am glad I have this though as there is something about it I love. 

I have a small selection of Manchester United programmes which I have gained from the few games I have managed to go to. I have definitely been to more games than I have programmes for but the one with Phil Neville on is from my first United game so that holds a lot of memories for me. I also have one from years ago which I picked up from a market a while back. I would love to add more Man Utd programmes into my collection. 

One of my favourite programmes in my collection has to be this one from my first trip to Wembley. It is a shame that first trip had to end in defeat but of course the occasion had to be marked with me picking up a programme. It seems to have become a great place for me to store the tickets from that game too.

I don't have as many Bradford City programmes as I would like to be honest but the ones I do have are brilliant as I even have the Bradford vs Chelsea one somewhere, I just wish I knew where. I have a memorial programme to mark the anniversary of the fire, I have one with my favourite Kai Bruenker on it, one from after the Chelsea win and most importantly I have one from the game vs Leeds which we ended up winning.  I know I definitely have plenty more Bradford programmes dotted around my parents house so maybe it is time I went to find them. 

It wasn't just football matches I picked up programmes for as I went to lot of rugby matches when I was younger too. To be honest as I got older I started to only buy the ones for those important matches I went to and these are the only ones I kept hold of as they are from a few of the Grand Final's I went to. I also have a Bradford Bulls one somewhere in the house that I am actually in so I may have to try find that out, if I do I will post a picture of it on Instagram.

So there you have it those are some of my prized possessions also known as my programme collection. I honestly wish I kept hold of or could find some of my missing programmes as there are some from some great games that have disappeared. I think my favourites are the ones from Bradford City Women where we are printed in them and also the Leeds vs Arsenal Women's FA Cup programme. I also have a Manchester United 1968 Champions League final programme somewhere which I really need to find.  

What are your favourite programmes in your collection? 

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