2020 Round Up


Well 2020 didn't go to plan  did it? Things happened that I never thought would happen such as the whole of the UK going into lockdown for months, that didn't stop us though as we managed to power through and adapt the content so we were still posting. In fact the blog actually helped me get through the main lockdown as it gave me something to do whilst I was on furlough and stuck in the house. 

I never thought I would see the day that football and other sports were cancelled but that is what 2020 held for us. Competitions were either put on hold or cancelled all together which was crazy as who would ever expect that? When the leagues did eventually return fans weren't allowed back in the grounds so games were behind closed doors which was a very strange atmosphere whilst watching it on the TV, it just didn't feel the same. Fans were eventually allowed to return to the grounds but only in small numbers and the rules kept on changing meaning no one actually knew where they stood and clubs weren't bringing in the revenue that they usually would. It was certainly challenging times for clubs especially those lower league ones. It definitely was a strange year not going to as many games as I usually would but I know we will be back properly hopefully in the near future.

Even though there weren't many games to report on we still managed to adapt and create other content that helped us see the blog and social media channels grow. To say we have only been going for just over a year it is crazy to see the progress we have made already. We even got asked if we would like to work with Bradford City Women again which was absolutely fantastic as it has been great writing the articles for them and working with them. We even managed to sponsor a player which was fantastic as that was one of the main goals for the year and we ticked that off. 

The love for football shirts definitely grew through the year too as most of the time was spent looking at them on Instagram, twitter and YouTube my collection didn't grow too much but I did make a few new additions with more I want to add in the very near future, writing about shirts definitely helped reignite that love. 

Now that we are in the new year lets hope that some normality returns so we can get back to reporting on games, working on more content out of the house and getting on those stadium tours we hope to do. I am looking forward to seeing where 2021 takes us. 

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