My Favourite Manchester United Players At The Moment

 Manchester United haven't had the best start the best start to the season at all and something needs to start turning around in their favour soon. As many of you will know Manchester United have been a team I have followed closely for a long time now and I still do so seeing them in the state they are currently in isn't fun at all. However, although they are on a bad run now I still have favourite players who I think make a difference in the games they play in and if only the rest of the team worked like them, well maybe then results will turn around and they will start getting 3 points for a change. So here are my favourite Manchester United players currently... 


Scott McTominay is one of those players who at just a young age is already starting to show a lot of potential. I think if he gets the support and guidance needed from the club and the older midfielders at the club he could really become a household name and a world class midfielder. He isn't afraid to put in a challenge and is great at creating & being a part of any attacks too. He could really be a key midfielder for Man Utd in the next few seasons. 


Bruno Fernandes is a player I have been really looking forward to seeing play and to be honest he hasn't disappointed me. Fernandes is certainly a play maker and if he could just get the rest of the team on the same wave length and they could be dominating in attacks once again. I just hope he doesn't get frustrated with the rest of the team as that could see his performance slip. 


Last season Martial really impressed me, when Rashford was injured he really stepped up and made a positive impact and really helped United get back into those Champions League spots. I think with the right delivery and amount of game time this season he could certainly be a very influential player for United and how they turn their season around. 


Just like with McTominay, Brandon Williams is another player who is just a young age but already starting to show progress and how good of a player he can be. In the 19/20 season he played some fantastic games and really showed what he was made of. Give him guidance and support and I think we could soon enough see the academy graduate become a permanent name on the United team sheet as the world sees his potential. 


Marcus Rashford isn't just an influential figure on the pitch he is also one off the pitch too. Honestly with all the press on him at the moment I was a little worried that he may buckle under the pressure and his performance on the field may suffer but that hasn't been the case at all. Towards the end of last season he was doing really well after returning from injury and he has started this season off pretty well too, he just needs the team around him to perk up too and we might start seeing more goals from him and some results. 


I never thought Luke Shaw would make it onto my favourite players list as I have never really been a fan of his. However, I think he has shown a bit of progress this season and been able to get United into some good positions with no one unable to offer him the support he needs when he has made a break down the left. I would definitely say he has been one of those standout players in an otherwise shocking defensive line which certainly needs work. He seems to be more confident attacking this season too and tracking back so his fitness must have certainly improved. 

Obviously this list changes on a season basis as the seasons progress and players come and go so I am sure you will see plenty of updated versions of this post in the future but for now these are my top 6 players in the United team from the 19/20 & 20/21 seasons. Who are you enjoying watching play for Manchester United these days if anyone? 

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